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Revenue increased 30%

Jennifer Davis, D.D.S.

Cleona, Pennsylvania

“I’m willing to say that All-Star is life-changing because I now have extra time in my life to do things that I never had time to do. Revenue in the practice has increased by 30% and my stress level is down.”

Dr. Jennifer Davis owns a multi-doctor practice and found herself involved in occasional stressful disagreements with her associates and worrying over the HR and financial aspects of managing the practice. She found All-Star Dental Academy while searching for a productive training program for the staff. After working through the All-Star phone training with her staff and her All-Star coach, Dr. Davis found the tools and skills she needed to train and re-organize the entire team to allow them to function smoothly and give their patients the best experience and service possible.
Online Training, On-Site, & Mastery Coaching
  • Dr. Davis began the All-Star QuickStart phone training for her new front desk team member and practice manager. The skills of her new staff improved quickly as the GREAT Call(R) process was implemented and the entire team noticed the benefits immediately.
  • Coaching by All-Star Dental Academy and the feedback allowed the doctors in the practice to focus on areas needing improvement and helped with with new guidelines aimed at resolving issues constructively.
  • The Scheduling Advantage course helped the entire team to streamline their roles and everyone in the practice began to enjoy the benefits of lower stress and more productivity.
  • Revenue in the practice has increased by 30% since the staff and Dr. Davis began working with All-Star Dental Academy.
  • All the doctors in the practice are happy to be working productively, the team is enjoying the benefits of productive scheduling, revenues are increasing, and everyone on the team feels much less stress in their workday.
  • Dr. Davis has found a balance between her work and personal life with reduced work hours, decreased stress, more time for enjoying her life and success, and refocusing on doing what she loves most – helping her patients.
“I’m willing to say that All-Star’s training is life-changing. I now have extra time in my life to do things that I never had time to do. My stress level is down and I know it’s going to come down further still. The bottom line is we’re doing dentistry. We’ve had a very big increase in revenue and, in fact, my associate and I were looking at each other like wow, I’m going to do dentistry, which is pretty awesome, instead of spending our time frustrated on other things.”


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