Many people feel like drama in the workplace is just what comes with the territory. Does it seem like the same people are behind it all, draining away energy, enthusiasm, and optimism with endless complaining, negativity, and gossip? But does that have to be the norm?

It is possible to put an end to soap opera behavior and regain control of your practice.

This All-Star Dental Academy Study Club is all about understanding dental office drama, and how to overcome it and promote a happy, healthy, and professional practice.

In this study club, you will learn:

  • What is office drama?
    Why does office drama occur?
    How to overcome office drama for good?

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Here is a sample of the Study Club transcript…

Okay so, what I want to start off by saying is that dealing with drama in the office is probably the most difficult communication challenge that you will face. It is a very difficult problem; I do not have to tell anybody who has it going on in their office what kind of disease it is. So, to me this goes right-handed and with the onboarding process to overcome it, it usually starts from the beginning by setting good expectations for behavior for performance for ways of communicating. But beyond that, what I find is that this behavior comes up because a lot of times we like to pretend that none of it is actually going on.

You know when things happen in your office that you know are not supposed to happen we always have a choice to make. We can decide to deal with it or we could decide not to deal with it, which is what I call pretending. And what I mean by that is if we deal with it, it gets real noisy and sometimes it gets real loud and what I find is that most team members and a lot of doctors quite frankly that’s where they shy away. They do not like that period where it’s real unstable or they can’t predict what is going on or where it seems like the whole place is falling apart. But what I want everybody to recognize it’s during that messy period when it gets really loud when everybody is having at each other it is more than likely you are going to solve your problems because the opposite of this messy period is where everybody just pretends that it’s not happening. So, if what I am saying to you makes any sense, a lot of drama in an office is a result of us not really talking about what is really going on when everybody knows it’s actually going on.

So when things are going on and we are not talking about them, that is where the drama comes up. It’s a very stressful time; because what happens is when there is drama going on in the office, it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel good inside of you, and all of us have to have some kind of release, so we are going to either take it out on each other ok by creating you know more drama in the office or arguments or power struggles and things like that. Or we are going to get in our clicks and we are going to talk about what is going on, but we are not going to talk about it with the person who is actually creating the issue. And so what I wanted you to see is that it just created more
drama. Because when it is there we go in to overdrive to kind squelch it and we do that, be either stopping it or just ignoring it, which really just creates more drama. What I wanted you to see here is that we got to change this environment.”

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Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

Alex is the CEO and Founder of All-Star Dental Academy. He has authored the dental practice game-changer book “Dental Practice Excellence” and co-wrote a bestselling book with Brian Tracy. Alex has shared the stage with Michael Gerber (the author of “The E–Myth Revisited”), and lectures nationally and internationally to prestigious dental organizations.

He is a former Tony Robbins top coach and consultant, having worked with companies from $1 million to $100 million. His passion is to help others create personal wealth and make a positive impact on the people around them. Alex received his Juris Doctor (JD) and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University.
Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA