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In the All-Star Case Acceptance Course, we explore how rapport is the critical element of case presentation – how you work with the patient from their very first contact with your practice sets the tone for the patient experience and dramatically affects case acceptance rates. When you have a friendly, trusting relationship with your patient and work with them collaboratively to determine appropriate treatment and budget, you will give them the ability to confidently make a choice about their oral health.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to All-Star Case Acceptance
Unit 2 The 5 P’s of The Patient Experience
Unit 3 The All-Star Business Growth Formula
Unit 4 History of Case Acceptance
Unit 5 The Logical Choice
Unit 6 Biggest Blunders of Case Presentation
Unit 7 Moral Obligation
Module 2 5 R’s of Case Acceptance
Unit 1 Rapport
Unit 2 Review Findings
Unit 3 Review Fees
Unit 4 Respond to Objections
Unit 5 Receive Payment
Unit 6 Case Acceptance – Another Equation
Module 3 Deeper Exploration
Unit 1 The Vicious Circle of Communication
Unit 2 Top Reasons for “No”
Unit 3 Reducing Stress in Communication
Module 4 The Team’s Role in Case Acceptance
Unit 1 Team’s Role in Case Acceptance
Unit 2 Team’s Role – Treatment Coordinator
Unit 3 Team’s Role – Dental Assistant
Unit 4 Team’s Role – Hygienist
Module 5 Turbocharge your Case Acceptance
Unit 1 Positive State
Unit 2 Affirmations
Unit 3 Mastering Phone Skills
Unit 4 Asking Questions
Unit 5 Price Anchoring
Unit 6 The Power of Yes
Unit 7 Psychology of Influence
Unit 8 Keep it Simple
Unit 9 Emotional Intelligence
Unit 10 USP – Unique Strategic Position
Unit 11 Proactive Follow-up
Module 6 FAQ about Case Acceptance
Unit 1 Why do I get “no?”
Unit 2 Who should present?
Unit 3 Testing the Waters
Unit 4 Treatment Coordinator Commission?
Unit 5 Visual Aids?
Unit 6 Discount and Membership programs?
Unit 7 Third Party Financing?
Unit 8 Improving Collections?
Unit 9 Fear of Rejection?
Unit 10 Conclusion
Unit 11 Case Acceptance Exam
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About Course:

42 units

4 hours of training

CE Eligible


Dental Case Acceptance Training, All-Star Dental Academy

Alex Nottingham, J.D., M.B.A.

Dental Case Acceptance Training, All-Star Dental Academy

Larry Guzzardo

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