Dental Front Office Training

Onboarding for Entire Team

The QuickStart Onboarding Course brings everyone in your dental office to the same level of skill by teaching the fundamentals of our customer service based phone skills, productive dental scheduling, dental terminology, and HIPAA basics. This primer is an essential starting point so that everyone has a basic understanding of our training philosophy, systems/processes, suggested verbiage and terminology, and how to best implement the training program for maximum success.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Quick Start
Module 2 Mindset
Unit 1 Reactive v. Proactive
Unit 2 3 Steps to an All-Star Mindset
Module 3 Phone Skills
Unit 1 Greeting
Unit 2 Rapport
Unit 3 Engage
Unit 4 Ask for the Appointment
Unit 5 Taking Info
Module 4 GREAT Call Bootcamp
Unit 1 GREAT Call Bootcamp – Part I
Unit 2 GREAT Call Bootcamp – Part II
Module 5 Productive Scheduling
Unit 1 Productive Scheduling
Unit 2 Preblocking the Schedule
Unit 3 Daily Production Goal
Unit 4 Individual Roles & Responsibilities
Unit 5 Team Roles & Responsibilities
Unit 6 Broken Appointment Policy
Module 6 Terminology
Unit 1 Dental Terminology
Module 7 HIPAA
Unit 1 HIPAA Compliance
Module 8 Certification Exam
Unit 1 Quick Start Certification Exam
Course QS, All-Star Dental Academy

About Course:

19 units

3 hours of training

CE Eligible


Dental Front Office Training, All-Star Dental Academy Alex Nottingham, J.D., M.B.A.

Dental Front Office Training, All-Star Dental Academy Heather Nottingham

Dental Front Office Training, All-Star Dental Academy Larry Guzzardo


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