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The Patient Experience Course is every piece of the patient journey all added together. A positive experience creates life-long patients who refer friends and family, while a negative experience results in your patients going to competitors. This course discuses, in detail, how each and every person in the practice contributes to a successful and consistent patient experience, from the front office, to the clinical team, the management, and dentist(s).

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Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Overview
Unit 2The GREAT Call Process
Unit 3Triple S Scheduling System
Unit 4The Business Growth Formula
Unit 5The Winning Edge
Unit 6Flawless Performance
Unit 7A Thriving Practice
Module 2Customer Service
Unit 1A Culture of Service
Unit 2Sales vs Service
Unit 3Power of Rapport
Unit 4Fortune 500 Service
Unit 5Service and Systems
Module 3The 5 P’s of The Patient Experience
Unit 1Phone Call
Unit 2Preparation
Unit 3Patient Exam
Unit 4Presentation
Unit 5Proactive Follow up
Module 4Going Deeper
Unit 1Welcoming Patient
Unit 2The Walkthrough
Unit 3The Morning Huddle
Unit 4Referral Marketing
Unit 5Getting Reviews
Module 5Roles & Responsibilities
Unit 1Administration
Unit 2Hygienist
Unit 3Assistant
Unit 4Doctor
Unit 5Treatment Coordinator
Module 6Etiquette & Image
Unit 1Letters
Unit 2Emails
Unit 3Voicemails
Module 7Conclusion
Unit 1Conclusion
Unit 2Exam

About Course:

33 units

5 hours of training

CE Eligible


Alex Nottingham, J.D., M.B.A.

Heather Nottingham

Larry Guzzardo

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