Dental Scheduling Training

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The Scheduling Advantage Course is designed to provide your dental office with dental scheduling best practices and tips on implementation with the goals of increased productivity, effective pre-blocking techniques, systems for re-care and reactivation, reduced broken appointments, less stress, and more free time.

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Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Scheduling Advantage Introduction
Module 2Preparing the Schedule for Production
Unit 1Preblocking
Unit 2Preblocking (Cont.)
Unit 3Who does what and how long?
Unit 4Roles & Responsibilities
Unit 5Scheduling Verbiage
Module 3Scheduling Techniques
Unit 1Basic Techniques
Unit 2Advanced Techniques 1
Unit 3Advanced Techniques 2
Unit 4Advanced Techniques 3
Module 4Determine a Daily Production Goal
Unit 1Daily Production Goal
Module 5Working with Emergencies
Unit 1Emergencies
Unit 2Scheduling Quiz #01
Module 6Broken & Changed Appointments
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Broken Appointment Policy
Unit 3Handling Broken Appointments
Unit 4Broken Appointments COSTS
Unit 5What patients must know
Unit 6Important Points
Module 7Confirmations
Unit 1Confirmations
Module 8Early and Late Patients
Unit 1Early and Late Patients
Unit 2Scheduling Quiz #02
Module 9Next Appointment Updates
Unit 1Next Appointment Updates
Module 10Patient Reactivations
Unit 1Developing Program
Unit 2Key Strategies
Module 11Patient Reevaluations
Unit 1Reevaluations
Module 12Flexibility in the Schedule
Unit 1Flexibility in the Schedule
Unit 2Scheduling Quiz #03
Module 13Certification Exam
Unit 1Scheduling Advantage Certification Exam


About Course:

29 units

4 hours of training

CE Eligible



Larry Guzzardo
Head Instructor
All-Star Dental Academy

Larry’s 24-year career as a training specialist began with in-house training programs such as active listening, customer service, stress management, and career development, but quicky shifted so he could focus full-time on dental consulting. Larry works one-on-one with dentists in practice management, business systems, and leadership development, and presents workshops on topics including, “Winning Patient Acceptance of Fine Dentistry,” “Working with You is Tearing Us Apart,” and “The Leadership Challenge.” Larry is an accomplished speaker and published author.

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