Times Have Changed For Dental Team Training Options

Times have changed for dental team training options. In the 80’s and 90’s dentists took their entire teams to dental meetings for their continuing education. Here are the top three reasons why it is now more common and economical to bring the training to the team.

1) Changes in state employment laws in some states require business owners to not only pay for the hours in classes but the hours in transit to and from conferences. And even if the compensation is minimum wage for travel or meetings (non patient time), those costs add up quickly. And don’t forget, if your team is “on the clock” when traveling for training, you are also exposed to liability if anything were to happen during the trip.

2) Changing family time requirements. Dental team members who have children are often reluctant to travel for more than a day trip. In the 80’s and 90’s after school activities were typically one weekly activity per child… Now it’s common for kids to have after-school activities or sports EVERY DAY. This means one parent must remain in the chauffeuring position at home — making scheduling off-site training more and more difficult.

3) With more group practices and larger teams, it is almost always more cost effective to bring training courses to the team via online training platforms or with a personalized trainer for a day. Unlike in office consulting, these half or full day training sessions are custom designed by the trainer for the specific needs of the practice. I’m very excited that the All Star Dental Academy has this option in their online training program. Team training is much more effective when the staff is able to build rapport with the trainer. This assures a higher degree of implementation of each training module.

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Bring the Training to You

The robust and full online content at All-Star Dental Academy allows dentists and their team to train in the highest quality phone training and customer service program available today. This training is available 24/7 and you can train individually at times that are convenient for each team member. You and your team can come together in brief meetings weekly or monthly, review these modules, and discuss how to best implement new concepts and skills into your practice. No scripting, just awesome phone and communication skills for happy patients and a healthy and robust dental practice

All-Star provides a Quick Start program for yourself and your team to begin building skills quickly and effectively. The more advanced modules in phone skills and productive scheduling are quick and easy to fit into a busy week. The benefit of the short training sessions, spread out over a longer period of time, is that your team retains and implements what they learn much more effectively than with a one-day CE seminar. Enthusiasm and skills can quickly fade after an intensive seminar if they aren’t reinforced by regular, continued training.


Benefits of a trained team

Every member of the team can benefit tremendously from the content at All-Star including doctors. Coaching is also available and customized for you and your staff. Each person on the team will learn the skills to enhance the patient experience. From the initial new patient phone call to case acceptance, financial and treatment planning, All-Star training gives staff the confidence they need and the skills to build personal relationships with quality patients. These patients will refer others to you based on their exceptional experiences with your team. The value of having a team that has learned the skills to effectively communicate, educate, and establish rapport with patients is immeasurable. Those skills will put your practice ahead of the competition, and keep it there.

Bring your dental team up to par with optimal dental team training, encompassing a wide range of skills. Equip your team with the knowledge they to provide better assistance and also run an efficient dental office.

Get more information on how All-Star Dental Academy’s training program can supercharge your dental practice. Please register for our free educational webinar Dental Practice Excellence: 3 Steps to an All-Star Practice, or call our office at (844) 631.7575

Heather Nottingham

Heather Nottingham

Heather is a former retail sales specialist and department trainer for Bloomingdale’s, where she had a million dollar clientele. She also took that luxury retail mentality and brought it into the dental world, where she leveraged her training and was able to make an extra million dollars for her dental office in less than 18 months. With over 16 years of retail sales & management experience, 7+ years as a phone skills coach & trainer, and thousands of hours in perfecting the art of rapport with dental patients, Heather helps improve dental practices’ profitability through phone skills success, promoting patient experience, and implementation of systems. Heather is also an accomplished writer in the world of dentistry, having her articles, press releases, and blogs featured in various publications including Dental Practice Management, Dentistry Today, The Progressive Dentist Magazine, Dentistry IQ, and more.

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