Getting Started with All-Star Dental Academy
10 Easy Steps

1. Confirm you received your welcome email &
Log into All-Star Dental Academy Student Center
If you did not receive the welcome email or login credentials or have any problems logging in, please email Direct link for login is
2. Watch Doctor’s Action Plan Video and Download PDF

Review Doctor’s Action Plan pdf download and watch the Doctor’s Action Plan video on how to get started and present the Training Program to your team. We give you specific verbiage on how to present the program to your team so they are excited to train. When you log in to the admin account go to “DOCTORS START HERE.”

3. Set up Team User Accounts

Make sure you are logged in. Under the Home button on the menu bar, click on “Manage Team.” You can add users yourself or you can have us do it for you by emailing

4. Team Orientation Meeting & Team Action Plan Videos

We discuss how to introduce your team to the Training Program in the Doctor’s Action Plan video.  As part of this process, we suggest an “orientation” meeting. This half-hour to one-hour meeting will announce the program to your team and tell them why they are training. Direct the team to log in to their user account and begin “QuickStart” where we cover how and why to get started with training.

5. Start Training! Begin with QuickStart

 Get started by training each week using one of the various approaches we recommend in the Doctor’s Action Plan.  Follow the courses in order and do not skip around.  Once a video unit has been completed mark “Completed” under each video (each person needs to do this in their own account).

Begin with QuickStart. It is the onboarding course to get everyone up to speed. For some on your team, the topics covered may seem basic, and for others, the information will be new. But, EVERYONE will benefit from the training. Try to complete QuickStart within 30 days.

6. (After QuickStart Course) Access Comprehensive Training Courses

After completing the QuickStart course, you will move on to Phone Success and then the Scheduling Advantage courses.

Make sure your team takes a “slow and steady” approach (only 20 to 30 minutes of video lecture per week), and then makes time for discussion of the course concepts and how to implement the techniques. The key is retention and application. Feel free to spend as much time as you can budget discussing what the team learned and role-play using verbiage and new skills.

7. Take Notes, Check Progress, & Get Achievements
Under each video, you and your team can take notes electronically or download and print the Study Guide for each course. In the Student Center, there is a page where you can access all notes, called “Notes” in the menu bar.

On each user’s Home page in the Student Center, they can see their progress. Doctors can see team’s course progress by going to Manage Team page.

To the right of the page, each user will see their achievements and points. Doctors can access the leaderboard to see the entire team’s points.

8. Get Free Call Grading
You receive one call grade per month included with your All-Star Training Program tuition.

We do NOT do mystery calls. We grade only real patient calls. To get set up for your free call grading, you will need call recording. If you have call recording, please sign a HIPAA Business Associate (BA) Agreement (below) and email access to your call recording dashboard.

If you don’t have call recording, please email us to learn more about our affordable call recording option.

9. Complete Strategy Call Questionaire & Schedule Strategy Call

You get a complimentary session with Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA, CEO of All-Star Dental Academy ($500 value), and we suggest you schedule within 30 to 90 days of signing up for All-Star Dental Academy.

Complete questionnaire ASAP (below). Schedule strategy call by emailing

IMPORTANT: Do NOT wait to start training. Your strategy call could take 1-3 months to complete.

10. Schedule Your Complimentary Coaching Call

You get a complimentary session with an All-Star Dental Academy Mastery Coach. This is typically scheduled after your strategy call with Alex. In this coaching session, you will learn methods to supercharge your All-Star experience by getting more out of the program, how to increase accountability, and a handful of “money ball” self-funding tactics to increase cash fast!

If you are interested in learning more about coaching now or want to learn about our on-site kick starter, where we send a coach to your office to help launch the All-Star program, contact Heather:

Top 4 List

Webinar Replay Center
Enjoy over 100 hours of AGD PACE practice management continuing education opportunities. Hear from leaders in dentistry on various topics that are provided below. Many dentists love to listen to replays in the car or while exercising. In addition, these training topics make for great meeting subjects or can be tailored to specific areas of the practice, whether it be hygiene, assisting, or treatment presentation.
Resource Library
Enjoy over 1,000 pages of materials, systems, and forms.
Get Your Questions Answered: All-Star Forum & Facebook Group
Ask and search for answered questions on practice management issues with input from doctors, team members, and All-Star coaches. Also, join our All-Star private Facebook group to interact with other All-Star members and coaches.
Insurance Fundamentals Course
Insurance Fundamentals is designed to give you and your team a basic understanding of how to most efficiently work with insurance claims. This course contains critical information for every practice that works with dental insurance. The course is taught by Insurance Efficiency Expert Jennifer Schultz. She has over 20 years’ experience working in the dental industry and is the founder of Dental Insurance Navigator and Virtual Dental Office.

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