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Dentistry is Personal

Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA and Heather Nottingham sought to save Alex’s dad’s struggling dental practice, and in doing so, developed a business and training philosophy that is changing the dental industry. All-Star Dental Academy’s proprietary training systems have helped over 25,000 dental professionals transform their practices into premier patient care providers and profitable practices.

All-Star’s Vision

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Phone Calls Convert To High Quality Patients

Success starts with the phone. The key is to convert phone calls to patient appointments that the patient honors. This is a fundamental skill that everyone in the office needs to learn.

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World-Class Patient Experience

A first impression is made within just seven seconds. From the phone call to treatment to referrals and re-cares, a prosperous practice is one where the patient experience is as much of a priority as the quality of the clinical treatment.

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Revitalized Passion For Dentistry

Passion comes from performing high quality dentistry with a loving and supportive team, while taking amazing care of patients, and being able to enjoy a full and balanced life.

Our Mission: To Help Dentists Achieve Their Dreams

Alex and Heather made it their mission to help dentists just like Alex’s father. This is how All-Star Dental Academy was born. Since its launch in 2013, All-Star Dental Academy has helped over 5,000 dental professionals around the world. We are committed to eliminating hard sales, manipulation, and unethical training, and replacing it with Fortune 500 level customer service and results.

A Family Story

Alex’s father, who is a dentist, was facing bankruptcy and asked Alex for help. Alex leveraged his business education, law degree, and experience working with a wide variety of companies, and took over the management of his father’s office. The obstacles of running a dental practice had unfortunately drained Alex’s dad of his passion for dentistry. Despite being an AGD fellow, Pankey graduate, and “Extreme Makeover” dentist, he had nothing to show for his efforts. He told Alex not to be a dentist because of how difficult it was to manage a dental business, the growing influence of insurance companies, and the feeling that people were always taking advantage of him.

Alex wanted to help his father. Alex is a former Tony Robbins top business coach, a lawyer, and holds an MBA. Alex assumed management of the practice and marketing efforts, yet phone calls were still not converting to patients. So he asked for help from his girlfriend at the time (now his wife, Heather), who was a Bloomingdale’s trainer. With Heather answering the phones and Alex running the business, they more than doubled the practice in 18 months to over $2.3 million in revenue. It was the combination of Alex and Heather’s customer service and business know-how that inspired them to start a new business helping dentists around the world fulfill their dreams of having successful and profitable dental practices.

Backed by the Best

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