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In-Office & Virtual Dental Training

Jumpstart Your Team’s Success

Motivate your team and see immediate results with in-office dental training. An All-Star coach visits your office either in-person or virtually with a customized training plan to coach, role play, help implement profitable systems, and work with your team to meet your practice’s urgent needs.

Bring Your Training to Life

Team Motivation

Live in-office dental training can be a powerful motivating force for the team. An in-office coach brings the training to life. After an in-office coaching event, Dr. Maxwell said, “My team still talks about the visit to this day. It has a been a game changer for us. We end every meeting with, ‘Have an All-Star Day!’”

Immediate Results

Dentists see instant growth in team productivity after an in-office visit – the team is engaged, the training is customized, and coaching is focused. Dr. Clyde said, “We typically saw 65 to 70 new patients a month. But after training with All-Star we have about 250 new patients a month!”

Team Retention

Employees expect to be trained on the job. Training empowers your team, and research shows that this improves employee retention by 58%. Retaining employees avoids turnover costs, which can be 1-3 times the salary of the employee.

About In-Office Dental Training

Dentists freely admit that getting a training program implemented in their practice can be a challenge. Often, they also say that they just don’t like being in charge of training! Dentists know that training is important, but acknowledge that it may not the best use of their time. This is why our affordable on-site in-office or virtual dental training and virtual dental coaching options are ideal for practically any office.

Many practices have tried self-directed programs and had trouble with consistent training and actually putting the lessons to work. In an on-site visit, your coach will walk you and your team through the best methods for putting All-Star training into action, and help the team to use the concepts every day in their work.

Immediate Results

Bring your training to the next level with live in-office coaching or live virtual in-office coaching. Your team receives instant feedback helping them to better understand training concepts and allows them to put the training into action immediately.

* Some photos of live client in-office onsite training

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