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Hit the “EASY” button where we implement phone training for you LIVE at your office. With this training visit, we train your team and set in motion an amazing ongoing training experience!

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Many dentists are the first to admit that they have had trouble getting a training program implemented in their practice, and quite frankly they claim they just don’t like doing it! 

Dentists admit that training is important, but also acknowledge that it may not the best use of their time. This is why our affordable on-site and coaching options are ideal for practically any office.

Many offices have tried online or self-directed programs and had trouble with consistent training and actually putting the lessons to work. In this on-site visit, your coach will walk your team through the best practices for putting into place All-Star training, and help the team to use the concepts every day in their work. 

The visit helps establish a powerful training culture and sets the team up with a training plan that is customized for your practice. 

Training is important. Training the “right  way” is critical!

  • Improve employee retention by 58% with training
  • Reduce employee turnover costs (1-3x the salary of the employee)
  • Realize an extra $10,000+ lost each month on just improved call conversion!
Our new patients were like 65 to 70 new patients a month. With All-Star, we are doing about 250 new patients a month!  If you develop your team, it pays huge dividends.
Dr. Clyde Maxwell

Dentist, Delaware

I’m willing to say that All-Star is life-changing because I now have extra time in my life to do things that I never had time to do. Revenue in the practice has increased by 30% and my stress level is down.
Dr. Jennifer Davis

Dentist, Pennsylvania


  • 1 Full Day On-Site Training focused on implementation and quick results with phone conversion strategies ($500 savings through bundle)
  • All-Star Dental Academy Online Training System. Click here for contents of the system
  • Coaching call prior to on-site to prepare for an amazing and productive visit


  • 3 free months of call recording to ensure you are getting the feedback you deserve
  • Continuing Education (CE) Credits are provided for the entire team
  • Training summary report following on-site with actions steps and detailed evaluation
  • Free coach travel, which covers flight, hotel, cars, and food up to $1,000 when trainer comes to your office
  • 100% credit of on-site training towards mastery coaching package if upgraded within 60 days of purchase

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We limit enrollment on a monthly basis to provide extraordinary service to our dentists. Reserve your spot!
All Star customer service has definitely become the culture of the office….. And IT WORKS! The five-star reviews are rolling in and the phones are ringing off the hook! In fact, I am making some new administrative and systemic changes to accommodate the growth.
Dr. Jennifer Wayer, DMD

Dentist, Crestview, FL