Dental coaching

Self-Funding. 600% R.O.I.


Dental coaching can pay for itself! Rather than waiting years for a return on your coaching investment, our Self-Funding Dental Coaching process is designed to more than pay for itself within 90 days. 

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About Dental Coaching

Let’s face it, implementing change with dental teams is not an easy task. Whether you are too busy to train your team, or just not fond of the task, using a coach will help the training “stick” and allow your team to develop master-level customer service skills and organization in the fastest way possible. Dental coaching brings specialized knowledge to your business, a unique perspective, and helps to spot “gaps” that you may not be seeing.

Dental Coaching – Did you know?

• Research by BBI International showed that 75% of Fortune 500 CEO’s state coaching as one of their top three factors of success
• A study by Fortune Magazine found that a: “…conservative estimate of monetary payoff from coaching… returns SIX TIMES what the coaching cost their companies.”

I’ve been happy with the results we’ve gotten over the last year. Hygiene production nearly doubled and overall office production gained 20% while collections went up to 99.5%. Money well spent. I would tell others to try it. It is money well spent and all you need is one quality training program. It’s been wonderful.
Dr. Benjamin Contratto

Dentist, Alabama

The content of the material is high-quality. Working with a coach gives us the accountability. The personal attention specific to my practice that took us to the next level. Our case acceptance has gone up! Our collection production went up $150,000 since starting coaching.
Dr. Sandra Martin

Dentist, North Carolina

Self-Funding Dental Coaching

All of our All-Star Dental Academy coaches are self-funding coaches, meaning they are trained to implement straightforward strategies that grow the practice within 90 days, so all your coaching fees are paid for. There is no stress about continued growth!

The foundation of our self-funding approach is installing a few of our 12 “money ball” tactics into your practice every quarter. A “money-ball” is a process that makes quick money without major changes. It boosts confidence of the doctor and team, self-funds coaching, and takes the pressure off, so focus can shift to more long-term growth strategies.

Some of our most popular money balls are improvements to your phone conversion ($5,000+ per month returns) and broken appointments ($2,000+ per month returns).

I have nothing but praise for the program and the All-Star team. Due to their training, we have been able to more than DOUBLE our new patients. Training my team with top-notch phone skills has definitely been a great investment! Thanks All-Star!
Dr. Rick Rios

Dentist, Virginia


  • 1 Full Day “JumpStart” On-Site Training focused on implementation and improving phone conversion strategies 
  • 6 Months of Virtual Dental Coaching where we reinforce the JumpStart onsite by coaching team and/or doctor with support around call grades, ensuring self-funding tactics are successful and maintaining vision and training culture
  • Project Management to keep the team focused on tasks and goals with additional contact with coach 
  • All-Star Dental Academy Online Training System. Click here for contents of the system
  • 2 Call Grades Per Month to ensure application of training where coach provides 1-on-1 feedback
  • Coaching call prior to on-site to prepare for an amazing and productive visit


  • FREE Call Recording for the duration of the coaching agreement to ensure you are getting the feedback you deserve
  • Continuing Education (CE) Credits are provided for entire team
  • Training summary report following on-site with actions steps and detailed evaluation
  • Free coach travel for JumpStart, which covers flight, hotel, cars, and food up to $1,000 when trainer comes to your office
  • All-Star Dental MBA Course where you learn practical MBA level skills, like leadership, management, strategic planning, and more without having to get an MBA. Over 30 hours of training taught by All-Star CEO Alex Nottingham JD, MBA. ($3,000 program included)
I said to myself, I’ve got to do it.  Just one phone call conversion or not losing one patient pays for itself. Instead of going back to school to get my MBA, I realized that this was perfectly set up for dentists. This program will ultimately help the practice retain and build more patients.
Dr. Brent Lew

Dentist, California

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We limit enrollment on a monthly basis to provide extraordinary service to our dentists. Reserve your spot!
My office has been associated with All-Star Dental Academy for two years. My marketing company told me a few days ago that he had never seen a higher percentage of calls converted to appointment — out of 111 calls in a recent period of time, 110 booked appointments! All-Star Dental Academy made my good front desk person into an All-Star! I The results are amazing.
Dr. Brent Blaylock


All Star has helped us create the highest level of consistency and customer service to our patients.  I’m not in it alone anymore. I have an all star team to back me up every step of the way. Thank you, All Star Dental Academy! I only wish you were here 20 years ago so I could’ve had your help from the very beginning of my practice. 
Dr. Sue Keller

Dentist, Florence, MA