Dr. Benjamin Contratto, All-Star Dental Academy

Doubled Hygiene Production

Benjamin Contratto, D.M.D.

Birmingham, Alabama

“I’ve been happy with the results we’ve realized from training with All-Star over the last year. Hygiene production nearly doubled and overall office production gained 20% while collections went up to 99.5%. I would encourage others to try All-Star. It is money well spent and all you need is one quality training program. It’s been wonderful.”

Dr. Contratto has been practicing for six years and bought his first office from a retired dentist in an old country town with a lot of blue-collar workers. Case acceptance from active patients needed improvement. Broken appointments were high and customer service was not sufficient. The doctor felt that he was the only one who cared and was not getting follow-through from his staff. He had tried practice management seminars and other online training without success.Dr. Contratto also realized he had trouble with implementing the concepts learned from training.
Online Training, On-Site Visit, & Mastery Coaching
  • Dr. Contratto started with the All-Star online Training Program which he said, “helped a lot in establishing our focus when we answer the phones.”
  • He and his teamed learned how to lead the call to make sure the patient was getting what they needed rather than, “having the patient make demands and having it wreck our schedule.”
  • Dr. Contratto invested in All-Star Mastery Coaching and felt the coaching helped hold him accountable, kept him productive, and kept his team on task.
  • “Our coach really stepped into that function of [operations manager] just being available to answer the questions that my staff members had as we were trying to implement the call process and scheduling guidelines.”
  • Coach directed the team to “bite-sized” processes to address major deficiencies that were dragging down production for a long time.
  • Later, Dr. Contratto had his All-Star coach for a two-day on-site visit to improve treatment guidelines and Training Program concept implementation.
  • In the two-day intensive, the doctor sat down with the coach the first morning to get a look at a typical day in the practice. The Doctor and coach then met again at the end of the day to evaluate what was addressed in the training. The coach made recommendations and a training plan for the next day to work on areas of deficiency.
  • Results from All-Star Dental Academy thus far are as follows:
    • Doubling of hygiene production
    • 20% increase in office production
    • Improvement to 99.5% collections (from 95%)
  • Dr. Contratto found the best thing was the accessibility and clarity of the program, accessibility of the coach, and fast support from the All-Star staff.
“We started with the online Training Program, and it helped a lot in establishing our focus when we answer the phones… it helped to get a flow together.”

Coaching really helped me hold myself accountable in terms of implementing what we learned from training and sticking with the vision.”

My hygiene production nearly doubled, just by implementing a solid program from the on-site and coaching. This is fantastic.”

“Our overall production improved about 20% and I truly believe that is a direct result of figuring out how to answer the phones correctly and schedule more efficiently. And as for collections, we went from 95% to 99.5%.”

“Probably the best thing would be the accessibility – just in the way that you guys have a clear program in progression in learning.”

“I’m very happy with the results! I’ve got so many good things to say about All-Star Dental Academy. I joke that I practiced four years before I made up my mind that I needed help and I would encourage others to try All-Star. It is money well spent and all you need is one quality training program. It’s been wonderful.”

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