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Dental Business Mastermind

Learn from and help the best in dentistry

Feeling like it is only you on your own island? You are not alone.

With the rise of competition and business complexity, dentists must find a way to stand out, compete, and minimize stress.

One of the most powerful tools ever used by successful people is the mastermind group.  Join a group of successful and like-minded dentists who meet regularly for the purpose of problem-solving, brainstorming, networking, encouraging and motivating each other, and holding each other accountable for actions to achieve personal and professional goals.

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What some of our Titanium Members are saying…

Since joining All-Star’s mastermind group, our office has increased our production by about 70%. Things have been going so much better. And it’s not just the increase in money. Things are smoother and everyone in the practice is happier and more engaged. So thank you for the invite! It’s been transformational.

Dr. Cody Calderwood

One of the subtle benefits of All-Star’s Titanium Mastermind is the camaraderie. It’s been an invaluable experience to me. Knowing that there were other dentists around the country that were dealing with the same things I was dealing with and being able to network, and help each other, we had each other’s back and it was invaluable to me.

Dr. Al Nordone

I’ve been involved in seminars and mastermind groups for over 30 years, and as a specialist in dentistry, it is hard to find programs that speak to me. The Titanium Mastermind does it all! Alex and All-Star Dental Academy are world-class. You won’t regret making the investment.

Dr. Ace

Endodontist, Washington

I’ve been in Titanium Mastermind for over a year. And I just love this group. The best thing about it is the members, so many genuine people around. I think for the first time, this is a group of people who I really feel like is a community that I can count on.

Dr. Dennis Baik

Folks in the Titanium Mastermind are very open, they’re vulnerable. They tell you their successes, their fears. We throw out all kinds of crazy ideas and some of them are not so crazy – kind of are on the forefront of thought.

Dr. Michael Eggnatz:

What I like best about Titanium is the people. From Alex running the show, all the way to the coaches, to the other participants. We get together either virtually or in person and be vulnerable with each other. You know, it’s a community that we have and I found it very beneficial in the time that I’ve been here.

Dr. Gerald Gray

I have been with All-Star Dental Academy since Nov 2021, and I must say, it is one of the smartest things I have ever done in the dental business (since 1998).  I started my own office from scratch back then, and can’t help think about all the missed opportunities of success by not having the All-Star team by my side back then.  
Heather, Alex, Eric and the amazing Mastermind Group have helped me increase my growth curve exponentially!  Not only reviewing and further integrating the basic ideas of business, like picking a great team, but also understanding the complexities of people/patient social behaviour, to better tune my systems for success.
The Mastermind group has truly shifted what my thoughts of where I can take my business and “blew the roof off,” raising my vision to a much different level.  
I am so unbelievably grateful to have Alex and his team on my side, and plan on being part of this family indefinitely!
Dr. Mike Kohen

You know, Titanium has been really good because it’s a chance where you can interact with fellow successful Dentists, especially Dentists from all over the country. It’s amazing, especially this crazy time of life right now in our country, in our world. It’s nice to bounce ideas off of how we’re dealing with things like COVID or insurance or other things like that, that we have colleagues that we can share wins and losses and ask questions, and collaborate with one another in a non-threatening manner. Everybody’s from different areas. It doesn’t feel like you have to hold back or anything.

Dr. Garth Hatch

The Titanium Mastermind Group provides a wealth of knowledge. We’ve got a lot of different types of practices here. A lot of specialists in their fields and not just from the dental standpoint. We are all able to be vulnerable with one another, be able to discuss what’s working in our practices, take pearls from each other, but also learn and grow together. And be able to come together and discuss things that have been valuable for us in either our leadership goals or business goals, but also on a personal growth level as well.

Dr. Lauren Standefer

I enjoy Titanium because it’s a small group of select doctors, with general dentists and specialists, discussing the ins and outs of running a practice. We brainstorm what is going on – the good and bad – and learn from each other. It’s a very powerful tool to help me grow my practice.
Dr. Carlos Pires

The Power of The Mastermind

Courses Header Image INSURANCE, All-Star Dental Academy

Deeply Develop & Implement Systems

Courses Header Image GENERIC C 1, All-Star Dental Academy

Be a Better Leader, Manager, & Marketer

Courses Header Image CS C, All-Star Dental Academy

Set the Standard for Customer Service

Courses Header Image GENERIC 1, All-Star Dental Academy

Collaborate with the Leaders in Dentistry

Requirements for Admission

Dental Practice Owner

All-Star Dental Academy member

Recurring revenue of at least $1 Million

Program Highlights


Each month, this elite team of dentists and our leadership team will meet online via a video conference to explore and share ideas in all areas of practice management, including:

  • Marketing, Phone, & Scheduling
  • Hiring/HR, Systems, & Management
  • Leadership, Mindset, & Case Acceptance


We have one live in-person meeting each year: a “Board of Directors” Meeting and a virtual/online Team Training Mastermind.

In our Board Meeting, we will collaborate to find the good, the bad, the ugly, and opportunities for growth. You will experience the power of the mastermind at a deep level and see ideas manifest in abundance! Titanium members are invited to attend at no additional program costs (travel and lodging is at your expense).

In our Team Summit, we target fundamental yet critical practice management skills, such as new patient phone call conversion and productive scheduling, as well as other team-focused areas of interest.



To best respect Titanium members, we will block two zip codes per participant. This ensures that while you are a member, you don’t have to worry about your competitors.

Once the zip codes are taken, new dentists is those areas will not be allowed to participate in Titanium.


Doctor Feedback Titanium Live Event

Wow!!! Incredible. Phenomenal. Superb. Bellissima. Bellissimo. Thank you Alex, Heather , Eric, Larry, Robyn. And all my amazing Titaniacs. What a weekend. This was more than just Masterminding and dentistry. Friends. Bonding. Introspective. Thank you for sending me home a better person. Dr. Mike Kohen
Thank you to everyone for the amazing weekend. I have so much material to work with when I go back to work on Monday. These mastermind meetings have easily given me the biggest bang for the buck in terms of dental CE. I look forward to meeting with you all again in May! Dr. Cody Calderwood

So grateful to be a part of this outstanding group of professionals. An opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often and I got so many positive encounters and so many excellent one on one conversations. The content was so relevant and already being used in my practice. Thank you one and all. Be well and thank you again. Dr. Jeff Bailey

I know Jennifer and I left with a list of topics to keep in our sights.  We are looking forward to the speaker workshop in May and getting together with you fine folks again.  I can’t thank you all enough for your time and energy.  Iron sharpens iron gang.  Well done! Dr. Jackson Bean

I’ll echo everyone’s thoughts – great meeting put together by our leadership group!  Thank you for all the effort you poured into the event.  I know it must be a huge undertaking. I had pretty high hopes for the weekend but my expectations were exceeded.  I have multiple action items to work on and I have no doubt each one will improve our practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to each and every one of you.  I feel really lucky to be part of such a great group. Dr. Brent Cornelius

It was great sharing the weekend with everyone! Thank you to everyone for having honest and open conversations about your experiences and vulnerabilities! The coaches shared outstanding presentations and information! As always, everyone incredible information and wisdom. Alex and Heather hosted another great event with excellent food and entertainment! Thank you all for a great weekend! Dr. Michael Eggnatz

Titanium Mastermind Facilitators

Dental Mastermind – Exclusive Dental Business Think Tank, All-Star Dental Academy

Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

CEO, All-Star Dental Academy

Facilitators & Experts

  • Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA, All-Star CEO, best-selling author, international speaker, and former Tony Robbins lead business coach working with companies upwards of $100 million, lawyer, and Master of Business.
  • Larry Guzzardo, All-Star Head Instructor & Dawson Academy Professor, consultant, and speaker
  • Robyn Reis, All-Star Director of Hiring Service
  • Eric Vickery, All-Star President of Coaching
  • Heather Nottingham, All-Star VP of Training, phone skills and customer service instructor
  • Shelly VanEpps, VP of Operations, Mastery Coach

“What is one idea worth? $100,000? $1 MILLION?

Dr. Ace Goerig, All-Star Titanium Member & Expert

What’s included:

  • Limited number of participants
  • All-Star Dental MBA Course
  • Monthly group video-conference calls
  • Invitation to “Board of Directors” in-person live event
  • Group networking message board
  • Two 15-minute as-needed calls per year with
    Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA
  • Exclusive access/two zip codes blocked
Courses Header Image MBA B 1, All-Star Dental Academy
Courses Header Image MBA, All-Star Dental Academy

Value of Investment ~ over $60,000!


Mastermind group     ~  $25,000 per year

MBA level training      ~ $20,000 per year

Group coaching         ~ $15,000 per year

Live event                 ~ $10,000 per year

Limited Availability

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“The Mastermind principle is the creation of a third invisible intangible force from the efforts of multiple minds in the spirit of harmony towards a definite purpose.”
— Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

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