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All-Star Dental Hiring Service

“Done-For-You” Dental Recruitment Service

All-Star’s Dental Hiring Service (Dental Recruitment Service) can help you find, hire, and train the best team members without lifting a finger. We offer an affordable hourly rate with no contracts and without expensive percentage-based fees.

“ALL-STAR IS AWESOME! You guys do such a great job of putting candidates at ease and still asking tough, insightful questions. I’m so happy you are the one in charge of helping us find a new office manager. It’s such a critical role to fill with such big repercussions. I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me with hiring.” Dr. C.

The Problem with Dental Recruitment

The American Dental Association (ADA) recently demonstrated with numbers what everyone has suspected – that hiring team members right now is HARDER THAN EVER BEFORE and 70% of dentists are having extreme challenges filling open positions.

EVERY DAY that goes by without proper staffing, you are LOSING THOUSANDS in missed production and inefficiencies.

So, what do you do? You try to hire on your own.

And how is that working out?

Not only is hiring on your own a terrible use of your time (you make so much more practicing dentistry than you save by doing it yourself), but if you aren’t very careful, you risk hiring the wrong person, or worse, you get sued because you did not follow proper dental recruitment processes.

The Solution: All-Star Dental Hiring Service

WE DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU. We start by getting to know you and your practice, and then craft effective ads that will get attention and set your practice apart. We know the posting algorithms so we can optimize ad copy and placement, we organize and evaluate resumes, and conduct phone and video interviews. And we give you our recommendations on candidates – all of this without you having to lift a finger!

YOU’RE IN CONTROL. Add-on in-depth background checks and personality assessments, and when you choose the candidate you want, we provide an onboarding checklist to get them productive as quickly as possible.

AMAZING VALUE. When doing it by yourself or with a traditional recruiter, the average cost of hiring a new employee is 1-3x their salary. This includes recruitment fees and expenses, lost production, inefficiencies, overtime, and training costs, among others. You can end up paying $30,000 OR MORE!

And to make it easier on you (in contrast with other recruiters), we don’t demand a contract or painfully expensive percentage-based fee.

** DENTAL RECRUITMENT SERVICE MADE EASY… WE HIRE front office, admin, office manager, treatment coordinator, dental assistant, hygienist, hygiene coordinator, and other team members. **



$125 / hour for All-Star members
and $175 / hour for non-members

Is that a lot? Not when you consider that your practice can generate THOUSANDS of dollars an hour.

And since the average time it takes for us to find you the best candidates is 20-30 hours, the math is simple.

At the end of the day, All-Star’s Dental Recruitment Service is a bargain.

So, fill out the form below to begin applying for one of our limited hiring slots. Heather Nottingham, our VP of Training, will reach out to schedule a time to finish the application process with you. (UNITED STATES DENTAL RECRUITMENT HIRING ONLY)
Thank you for everything—this was the easiest and best recruitment process ever!

We are very happy with All-Star Dental Hiring Services! All-Star made the process so easy for us, and found a great new team member for our office. Definitely recommend their services!”

Dr. Steven Ricci, DDS, MS


My experience with All-Star Dental Academy has exceeded my expectations. I reached out for help to replace two valuable long-term team members who retired after twenty years. All-Star has been extremely effective and professional in identifying, screening, interviewing, and training new quality team members.
Michael Eggnatz, DDS, FACD, FICD

Dentist, Florida Dental Association (FDA), Past President

I really can’t thank you enough for finding TWO perfect team members for my office. It really has made all the difference in morale, smoothness of daily operations, and my stress level! I am thoroughly enjoying owning an office and we are now growing like crazy. Thank you so much!!!
Dr. Erica Zolnierczyk, DMD


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