Break Free From Dental Insurance Part 1

All-Star Dental Academy Lead Mastery Coach Eric Vickery is joined by Dr. Brian Nilges.

Eric and Dr. Brian take a close look at his journey from insurance dependence to insurance independence. They talk about what worked, what could have gone better, and where things are today.

Questions we will discuss:

  1. What were you thinking during the years of heavy PPO participation?
  2. Were there time constraints or was there something else that prevented you from making the move away from insurance?
  3. Dr. Brian had losses of $1.5 million over 10 years due to insurance write offs. Looking back, what would you have done differently?
  4. What advice do you have for other Doctors who seem hamstrung by the world of PPOs and the write-offs each month?
  5. Let’s talk numbers. How did your financial situation change?  

About Dr. Brian Nilges:

Dr. Brian was born in Riverside CA and grew up in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho.

He wanted to be an anesthesiologist but then found rock-n-roll. Turned down a Jazz scholarship to go and try to be a rock star. He had fun trying but got back into college to make it on his own merit, and found dentistry in his Jr. year of undergrad and never looked back. 

Undergrad in Physiology 1998 UC Davis, CA. Graduated Dental School Univ. of Pacific 2001

Entered US Air Force through a scholarship program.

Separated USAF 2004, entered Private Practice as Associate in various offices.

2008 bought a practice in Redding, CA.

Client of Eric Vickery since 2009. Insurance independent (except Delta) since 2019.

About Coach Eric Vickery:

Eric holds a degree in business administration and brings a strong business and systems approach to his consulting. His initiation into the field of dentistry was in the area of office management. He managed dental practices for over ten years and has been consulting over 250 offices nationwide since 2001.

There are two main delivery systems that he utilizes, that of monthly coaching as well as virtual or on-site seminars. Through his coaching, Eric has been able to improve offices with his practice monitoring systems. He is an expert on case acceptance, verbal skills and the DISC personality profile. He has a passion for stopping cancellations, handling patient objections and asking patients for referrals/reviews. Further, he has vast expertise in financial arrangements, third party financing and eliminating dependence on insurance.

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