Stress Buster Toolkit

In this episode of Dental All-Stars, mindfulness expert, Piero Falci shares the stress buster toolkit. Discover the power of mindfulness for a happier, more peaceful life.


About Piero Falci

Piero Falci teaches Mindfulness Meditation and Mindful Living and the acclaimed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. He leads Insight Meditation Silent Retreats and organizes Silent Peace Walks. He lives in Florida, USA. He was trained by the teachers at the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and at the Mindfulness Center at Brown University.

About Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

Alex is the CEO and Founder of All-Star Dental Academy®. He is a former Tony Robbins top coach and consultant, having worked with companies upwards of $100 million. His passion is to help others create personal wealth and make a positive impact on the people around them. Alex received his Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University.

Episode Transcript

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So right there you have a a big, big stress buster is understanding that you have the power to stop, take a breath, observe, and then choose the wisest and healthiest response.

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This is Dental Allstars, where we bring you the best in dentistry on marketing, management and trading. Here’s your host, Alex Nottingham.

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Welcome to the panel, All Stars.

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The topic of this podcast is your stress Buster Toolkit, and our guest is Piero Falci.

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Piero is an author and educator. He teaches mindfulness meditation and mindful living. He has written several books, including the highly praised three book series Mindfulness for a Better Mind, Life and World. And he has created a variety of courses on how to apply mindfulness for the improvement of overall well-being and enjoyment of life. Please welcome pro.

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Yes, and selfishly, I would like to learn some because I’m a very active achiever and stress comes my way and I’m sure many of our listeners encounter stress and we’re like, Yeah, I like to reduce some stress and and increase the happy stuff. So you’re a mindfulness expert and teacher, and for the purposes of this podcast, some of your history, you were in the corporate world, you are a corporate consultant, trainer, speaker, you had an epiphany and you said Enough of this.

01:01:26:21 – 01:01:37:29

I’m going to be a meditation guy and mindfulness person. So you went from the dark side to the light side. So help us who are still in the dark here, who are still dealing with dealing with stress. What do we do? What are some tactics that you can help us with? Give

01:01:37:29 – 01:01:42:07

  1. Help me

01:01:42:07 – 01:02:10:09

at one point. But walking away from the corporate world and working closely.

01:02:10:11 – 01:03:22:10

Very much working for your perspective, both with regard to effective. Don’t kill yourself with that, but with acceptance. And then I the I’d like you to stay on your and I think that to make it more effective for it might be stuff that people this much better focus on the stuff side

01:03:22:10 – 01:03:37:23

so there are the why don’t you.

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So again this mindfulness meditation what some people say well I’m not going to go there.

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Well, look, I’ll just write for Boston Sports. I go back to school and all the.

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Mm hmm.

01:04:24:07 – 01:04:34:19

Coach stuff. So it doesn’t matter.

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So for me, meditation will go, okay, this is you are. Hmm. You have to write like

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that. Makes a lot of sense. I like that because it’s teach me or, you know, this is the newest meditation technique. Oh, great. This this other technique or. But we’re missing the point. The point is, we’d like to live a happier life,

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more peace of mind.

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That’s our outcome. So it’s the game. I would even say it’s the container. Mindful living is the container. The it’s a even more it’s a vision. It’s a aspiration that I like to live a life with more ease and lightness. That’s my objective. So in business, we call that a strategy. Okay. Then you go down to tactics. What are the tactics?

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What are the instruments that we use to fulfill the strategy? Because if we’re using meditation to, you know, just one up something, whether it might be I kind of perform better for this one is that we’re we’re using a technique for missing the bigger effect we don’t have. And often look I often I train the dentist on not focusing on the tactics only, but on the big picture.

01:05:57:20 – 01:06:14:14

What’s your outcome? Even when I work with Tony Robbins, my mentor, he always say RPM, what’s your outcome? What’s your result that you’re looking to achieve? And then you start looking at the attack tactics. So the result is here we like to reduce stress. We like to I think everybody would like to have more peace of mind and more happiness, right?

01:06:14:16 – 01:06:34:23

So that’s the outcome. And then and you know, also I’ll throw in that into this discussion and BSR mindfulness based stress reduction, that is really the stress buster toolkit. And I know I’ll put a link to that below. We’ll talk about it at the end. But you teach an online course that was developed in university to be able that has been proven studies to help reduce that stress.

01:06:34:25 – 01:06:52:18

It’s not what’s the what it’s secular, meaning it’s not religious of any sort. It’s science based techniques with the goal of right, the container is reducing stress, increasing happiness. And then there are multiple techniques to be able to achieve that. So just to give me a little maybe you can use this as a stress buster toolkit, as a framework.

01:06:52:20 – 01:06:59:27

What are some areas of technique? What are some ways to just say, okay, give me a big picture of

01:06:59:27 – 01:07:13:04

the toolkit you can and BSR, what does that look like? So I go, okay, breathing that, give me an idea for the novice. So you work with so A

01:07:13:04 – 01:09:27:11

is this you go through my what you work so my perspective what should be or why being the most important what do you think.

01:09:27:13 – 01:12:03:01

Yeah and whatever whatever that okay but a little bit about worship something that so got supported by you working with your one work at the board more so if you are aggressive or when you open back on the training process or things like yourself.

01:12:03:03 – 01:13:15:12

Okay. So the great so that that’s like mindful that this is a training module for what we do. I have been here pretty well. What’s interesting is that we are reflecting how the brain works, the framework right now to put it like this, what, what we said Tuesday. Oh yeah. If you think about that. But that’s what it looks like.

01:13:15:16 – 01:13:35:26

This is what you what I was just like, you know, so what these negative things. But you know what

01:13:35:26 – 01:13:45:13

I were. Yeah. I was thinking that exactly when you were saying Nassar, which I remember, you taught a few of your courses that I was able to enjoy

01:13:45:13 – 01:13:55:28

the I notice sometimes, definitely when there’s happiness that arises and there are days I just feel great and I’m noticing them, of course, as a voice like this can’t last.

01:13:56:00 – 01:14:13:15

I’m aware. But I also say while it’s here, I’m going to enjoy it. I’m really going to get into it. I’m going to really, you know, like a a pig in mud. I’m going to or my dog in the, you know, like sort of roll around her back all over the the grass. And when times are more difficult, there’s a voice go, oh, it’s going to be like this forever.

01:14:13:16 – 01:14:30:20

But then I remember I’ve had all those experiences days, even weeks or months of feeling great. I say, You have it, you have it there, and that wiring kicks in and it’s mind training is what’s going on. So I really like how you because of course on the tactician at some times I’m like, give me all the cheat codes.

01:14:30:20 – 01:14:50:12

What’s the cheat code, What’s that meditation? And what’s interesting is that I heard a friend of mine does a meditation and it really relaxes him. But then once the meditation is over, you’re back to where you are. So yes is a nice technique, but if you’re still the same person, then the same neuroticism and neurotic behavior will occur.

01:14:50:14 – 01:15:14:00

And so I’m hearing you say is step one, you can do all the breathing you want, you can do all the meditation practices, and you probably have a whole list. But if you don’t have the outcome properly, if you don’t have the point of it that we’re training our mind to be more positive in the studies show you can do that neuroplasticity, then you’re a more fertile ground to where mindfulness, more mindfulness practices and meditation practices and techniques can be of service.

01:15:14:02 – 01:15:25:25

Otherwise, it’s kind of like almost, you know, you do a little walk around the park, Oh, I burned 100 calories and you have five donuts. It’s like, not that that’s bad. It’s just you kind of wash down all that effort. So it

01:15:25:25 – 01:15:39:02

makes a lot of sense. I really appreciate that perspective, wisdom, correct work. But so tell me that you mentioned

01:15:39:02 – 01:15:56:19

your being more cognitive stuff.

01:15:56:21 – 01:16:43:14

So you know, it’s sabotaging. So so you have this plan because and then so you sabotage. But to achieve the goal after we reach the goal, well yeah, everything is going well. You

01:16:43:14 – 01:16:53:13

start to worry about. Oh, totally makes sense. Is the fear of failure and the fear of success because ultimately we have our comfort zone. And what is it he he Danica adaptation?

01:16:53:13 – 01:16:58:02

He’s an adaptation. We would like to go back where we’re most comfortable, and

01:16:58:02 – 01:17:08:18

if we’re too high, it’s going to bring us down for too low. It’s going to bring us down. So it takes it’s like again, like building muscle. You’re not going to build that unless you if you stress it slowly and appropriately that your body can handle the changes.

01:17:08:20 – 01:17:21:02

So I love I love the perspective. You gave Pyrrho so much wisdom, and I’m going to put the link to your website for those that would like to learn more about. And BSR, tell me in 30 seconds, what is and BSR and

01:17:21:02 – 01:17:27:20

am I good candidate for this type of training? Yeah,

01:17:27:20 – 01:17:52:26

of course. But of course, walking the right and I’m going to change that.

01:17:52:27 – 01:18:10:25

So you would say that we are. Well, school for everybody. So what?

01:18:10:27 – 01:18:22:11

People don’t. But that’s how but why

01:18:22:11 – 01:18:39:13

I love that. It reminds me of a quote my uncle taught me. I’m coming out with a book probably later this year, more likely next year called My Uncle the Magician. And he said, If you make the world around you better, you make your world better. And essentially that the world is an illusion.

01:18:39:13 – 01:18:44:19

It works by magic. And the magic is your perception. As you change your perception, you change your world.

01:18:44:19 – 01:18:55:14

So thank you, Piero, for joining us. And remember to follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube. Get episodes as they are released. Share with your friends. And until next time, go out there and be an all star.

01:18:55:14 – 01:19:08:04

We hope you enjoyed this episode of Dental Allstars. Visit us online at all. Star Dental Academy dot com.

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