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All-Star Dental Academy believes that customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business. This means providing industry-leading training courses and other services, the best customer care, and ensuring that all clients have a positive, rewarding, and fulfilling experience. We have built our success by living these values and our clients have noticed.

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I’m willing to say that All-Star is life-changing because I now have extra time in my life to do things that I never had time to do. Revenue in the practice has increased by 30% and my stress level is down.
Dr. Jennifer Davis

Dentist, Pennsylvania

We used to see around 65 to 70 new patients a month. With All-Star, we are seeing about 250 new patients a month!  Your team is your most valuable asset. If you develop your team, it pays huge dividends.
Dr. Clyde Maxwell

Dentist, Delaware

I’ve been happy with the results we’ve gotten.  Hygiene production nearly doubled and overall office production gained 20% while collections went up to 99.5%. I would tell others to try it. It is money well spent. It’s been wonderful.
Dr. Benjamin Contratto

Dentist, Alabama

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Industry Experts Love All-Star

All Star Dental Academy is a first-class operation. Their library of interviews and quality of the content they provide is excellent. I challenge any dentist who is dead-serious about growing their practice to set aside time to listen to them.

Dr. Bill Blatchford

CEO of Blatchford Solutions

All-Star Dental Academy is doing great things. They are helping practices focus on customer service and how to schedule more effectively. Every practice should have All-Star Dental Academy training installed alongside their practice management software.

Dr. Lorne Lavine

CEO of The Digital Dentist

Much of my work is teaching teams proper scheduling techniques. All-Star Dental Academy is a wonderful tool that I recommend to all my offices and colleagues. It makes learning easy. They have great resources, instructors, of which I’m one. Thanks All-Star Dental Academy.
Rachel Wall, RDH

President & founder of Inspired Hygiene

Why Our Customers Love Us!

Dentists Love All-Star

I had been desperately seeking a phone and scheduling training solution for my practice. All-Star training program has provided that solution. We’ve already begun to reap the benefits of the training. We look forward to your continued support and more of the great products All-Star Dental Academy has to offer!
Dr. Karene Blair

Dentist, Jamaica

My office has been associated with All-Star Dental Academy for two years. My marketing company told that he had never seen a higher percentage of calls converted to appointment – out of 111 calls in a recent period of time, 110 booked appointments! All-Star Dental Academy made my front desk person into an All-Star! The results are amazing.

Dr. Brent Blaylock


If you plan on doing bigger case dentistry, All-Star Dental Academy is the only program of its kind. Their support is outstanding and they’re always adding new, relevant content from the industry’s leading practice management experts. If you plan to have an all-star dental practice, then you need All-Star Dental Academy.

Dr. Chris Jaghab, DDS

Dentist, Michigan

I have nothing but praise for the program and the All-Star team. Due to their training, we have been able to more than double our new patients. Training my team with top-notch phone skills has definitely been a great investment! Thanks All-Star!

Dr. Rick Rios

Dentist, Virginia

You could double your referral base! This is one of the finest programs you can take. You will learn how to become a strong leader. It’s very powerful. I’ve been through all their webinars and study clubs, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned.

Dr. Ace Goerig

Endodontist, Washington

The content is high-quality. Working with a coach gives us the accountability. The personal attention specific to my practice that took us to the next level. Our case acceptance has gone up! Our collection production went up $150,000 since starting coaching.

Dr. Sandra Martin

Dentist, North Carolina

I’ve been a practice management and CE junkie since the start of my career and I’ve never come across such valuable training for phone and communication skills. I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the training. I wish I had this resource 31 years ago when I started practicing and am excited that my son will have this knowledge from the start!
Dr. Peter March, DDS

Dentist, Illinois

All Star has created a system that helps us provide the highest level of consistency and customer service to our patients.  I’m not in it alone anymore. I have an all star team to back me up every step of the way. Thank you, All Star Dental Academy! I only wish you were here 20 years ago so I could’ve had your help from the very beginning of my practice. 
Dr. Sue Keller

Dentist, Massachusetts

One of the best investments you can make in your company is to have properly trained and highly skilled staff. All Star Dental Academy provides the skill and training online 24/7. My staff trains during down time and after hours to be at their best without ever having to close the office and miss out on patient care.  My staff and All Star Dental Academy do an amazing job!
Dr. Todd Synder, DDS, FAACD

Dentist, California

My experience with All-Star Dental Academy has exceeded my expectations. In my private practice, my patients expect superior service and skills from everyone. We can only provide that as a team, and I am only as good as my team! The All-Star Dental Academy has provided our office with great service and support! I highly recommend All-Star Dental Academy!
Dr. Michael Eggnatz

Dentist & Past President Florida Dental Association

As a practicing dentist and a former President of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, I am no stranger to online training programs. My team has become more productive and my patients are much happier. I highly recommend All-Star Dental Academy as a fantastic resource in dentistry.
Dr. Ron Richardson

Past President of the FACD & Dentist, Florida

We are progressing well through the online training and continue to have regular  meetings to learn and role play. All Star customer service has definitely become the culture of the office – And it works. The five-star reviews are rolling in and the phones are ringing off the hook! I am making some new administrative and systemic changes in order to accommodate the growth.

Dr. Jennifer Wayer, DMD

Dentist, Florida

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