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Partner with All-Star Dental Academy to increase your marketing reach through email, webinars, and podcasts. Utilize the power of education-based marketing, so your message is received as a welcomed guest rather than a salesperson.

All-Star Dental is a first-class operation.

Dr. Bill Blatchford

Blatchford Solutions

I can honestly say I was thoroughly pleased with All-Star and their sponsorship programs. They have one of the largest promotion lists I know of. Well worth the investment!

Dr. Chris Phelps


We participated in the All Star advertising program and were very happy with the results. The audience proved to be very engaged and responsive to our message. We’ll definitely be a regular advertiser with this group.

Jacob Puhl

Firegang Dental Marketing


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Our email list is composed of nearly 100,000 opted-in dental professionals. The majority are located in the U.S. and Canada. The list is comprised of general and cosmetic dentists, periodontists, orthodontists, endodontists, other specialists, consultants, and other industry professionals.

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Dental All-Stars Podcast targets dentists nationally and internationally. The podcast is published on all major platforms including Apple Podcast, Spotify, and video platforms like YouTube.

Sponsorship Pricing



Sponsorship will be distributed through all podcast platforms, including video platforms like YouTube, and social media. 

$1,500 for a 20-minute audio/video podcast

$2,500 for a 20-minute audio/video podcast AND email blast to All-Star’s internal list of 20,000 subscribers

$4,500 for a 20-minute audio/video podcast AND email blast to All-Star’s internal list of 20,000 subscribers AND our external list of over 100,000 subscribers ($4,000 value!)


Full-page display ad on third page of an eBook, for one year for a one-time fee. All-Star eBooks are promoted to our external email list of 100,000 one time per year, plus 8 times per year to our 20,000 internal opt-in list, plus posted to social media monthly. This totals over 200,000 impressions via email and social media. One sponsor per eBook.

$5,500 for 1-eBook full page

$7,500 for 1-eBook full page and one dedicated autoresponder email blast to opt-ins

$10,500 for 2-eBooks full page PLUS one dedicated autoresponder email blast to opt-ins for each book


1x = $4,000
2x = $6,600 (discounted equivalent: $2,250 per email)
3x = $7,950 (discounted equivalent: $1,866 per email)



  • Includes LIVE WEBINAR & three (3) promotional email blasts to nearly 100,000 dental industry list
  • Client receives name/email leads
  • “Day-of” reminder and follow-up email to signups
  • Replay hosted on All-Star Dental Academy website
  • Average of 250 registrations, and attendance in line with industry average of 25-30%
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