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Our Phone Success Course is a real world, proven, phone verbiage and rapport-based customer service skills course designed to help you get more quality patients to make appointments, show up, and establish the beginnings of an amazing patient experience. Includes comprehensive “how to” training videos using the GREAT Call(TM) Process, study guides, and role play examples. We also cover the most common questions and objections and how to work with callers to establish your practice as their number one choice and set you apart from the competition.

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Watch the Interview with Your Dental Phone Skills Training Instructor, Heather Nottingham

Module 1 Introduction to Dental Phone Success
Unit 1 Introduction to Phone Success
Module 2 The GREAT Call Dental Telephone Training
Unit 1 What is a GREAT Call?
Unit 2 Types of calls
Unit 3 New patient coordinator
Module 3 Dental Phone Call Greeting
Unit 1 Importance of an All-Star Greeting
Unit 2 Salutation
Unit 3 Asking Name
Unit 4 Welcome
Unit 5 Asking Contact Number
Unit 6 Referral Source
Unit 7 Pass Off or Take Call
Unit 8 Greeting Conclusion and Role Play
Unit 9 Phone Success Quiz #01
Module 4 Building Rapport with Dental Patients
Unit 1 Introduction Rapport
Unit 2 Foundation of Rapport
Unit 3 Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
Unit 4 Six Ways to Make People Like You
Unit 5 Mirroring & Matching
Unit 6 Outcome of Calls
Unit 7 How to Build Rapport
Module 5 Dental Patients Personality Types
Unit 1 The Know-it-All
Unit 2 The Storyteller
Unit 3 The Easy Peasy
Unit 4 The Rusher
Unit 5 The Informationalist
Unit 6 The Nervous Nelly
Unit 7 The Indecisive
Unit 8 The Price Shopper
Module 6 Advanced Rapport Skills
Unit 1 Empathy
Unit 2 How Long to Build Rapport
Unit 3 VIP Process
Unit 4 Positive Language
Unit 5 Elements of the Rapport Process
Unit 6 Phone Success Quiz #02
Module 7 Engage: Foundation
Unit 1 Introduction to the Engage
Unit 2 What is Engage
Unit 3 Proactive v. Reactive Scheduling
Unit 4 GREAT vs. EAGER Calls
Module 8 Engage: Elements of engaging the patient
Unit 1 Engage: Elements of Engaging the Patient
Unit 2 Answering Common Questions/Price Shopper
Unit 3 Show & Tell Method™
Unit 4 Share the Sizzle™
Module 9 Engage: Questions role plays
Unit 1 Engage Role Play Introduction
Unit 2 Do you offer ‘x’ service?
Unit 3 Do you accept my insurance? (in-network)
Unit 4 Do you accept my insurance? (out-of-network)
Unit 5 What are your office hours?
Unit 6 Where is your office located?
Unit 7 What do you charge for implants?
Unit 8 What do you charge for veneers?
Unit 9 Do you offer Saturday appointments?
Unit 10 Role Play Conclusion
Unit 11 Phone Success Quiz #03
Module 10 Engage: Methods to overcome objections
Unit 1 Methods to Overcome Objections
Unit 2 Intro to Overcoming Objections/5 W’s
Unit 3 More Sizzle
Unit 4 Pleasure and Pain Points
Unit 5 Feel, Felt, Found Dialogue
Unit 6 Special Note on Overcoming Objections
Module 11 Engage: Overcoming objections
Unit 1 Overcoming Objections
Unit 2 Five Most Common Objections
Unit 3 Other Objections: Why Can’t I just get a Cleaning?
Unit 4 Why do I need X-rays?
Unit 5 Why do I need an exam?
Unit 6 Practice and Role Play
Unit 7 If No Questions or Objections
Unit 8 Overcome Objections Conclusion
Module 12 Engage: Objections role plays
Unit 1 Intro to objections role plays
Unit 2 You Can’t Get Me in Right Away
Unit 3 You Don’t Have the Hours or Days I Need
Unit 4 Your Office is Too Far
Unit 5 Your Prices are Too Expensive
Unit 6 My Insurance is Out-of-Network
Unit 7 Phone Success Quiz #04
Module 13 Asking for Appointment
Unit 1 Asking Intro & Elements
Unit 2 Asking for the Appointment
Unit 3 Give Appointment Options
Unit 4 Ask about Insurance
Unit 5 Upgrade Appointment Options
Unit 6 Create Urgency
Unit 7 Set the Expectations
Unit 8 Get the Commitment
Unit 9 Asking for Appointment Conclusion
Module 14 Taking the Information
Unit 1 Taking Info Intro and Elements
Unit 2 Secondary Information
Unit 3 Insurance
Unit 4 Medical History
Unit 5 Referral Source
Unit 6 Credit Card and Review
Unit 7 Follow-up and Conclusion
Unit 8 Roleplay 1: Take Info if Patient Says Yes
Unit 9 Roleplay 2: Take Info if Patient Says No
Unit 10 Phone Success Quiz #05
Module 15 Certification Exam
Unit 1 Phone Success Certification Exam
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About Course:

104 units

10 hours of training

CE Eligible


Dental Phone Skills Training, All-Star Dental Academy

Heather Nottingham
VP of Training
All-Star Dental Academy

Heather is a former retail sales specialist and department trainer for Bloomingdale’s, where she had a million dollar clientele. She also took that luxury retail mentality and brought it into the dental world, where she leveraged her training and was able to make an extra million dollars for her dental office in less than 18 months. With over 16 years of retail sales & management experience, 7+ years as a phone skills coach & trainer, and thousands of hours in perfecting the art of rapport with dental patients, Heather helps improve dental practices’ profitability through phone skills success, promoting patient experience, and implementation of systems.

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