A Quick Primer on Hiring Dental All-Stars

High performing dental staff members can be the difference between getting by and being successful. But underperforming, disinterested, or unhappy staff members can mean bankruptcy. One practice we provided consultation services to faced a lawsuit from an unhappy former employee over overtime discrepancies that could have destroyed the business. Such a lawsuit could have been avoided with strong hiring systems and sticking to All-Star hiring standards.

The good news is that by hiring a dental All-Star, you can generate exponential results. Here is how it works (assume a $30k salary):

  • Poor employee = negative 7 multiplier (they could cost you $210,000 in training, lost production, and potential lawsuits)
  • Average employee = 1-2 multiplier (they typically cause you to break-even; maybe you make a little on them)
  • Dental All-Star = 10+ multiplier (they make you a ton of money!! $300K+)

Dental All-Stars help you close more cases, bigger cases, and make your professional life easier and more enjoyable.

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