The Future of Dentistry

The Future of Dentistry

Dentistry is changing in a big way. Patients know more and are becoming immune to the sales tactics that worked five years ago. With online review sites, increased search and social media, and competition, dentists not only have to provide amazing dentistry, but also...

What is All-Star Dental Academy?

We are often asked, what is All-Star Dental Academy? What do you do? How are you different? All-Star Dental Academy has so many benefits and features that the answer depends on the outcome the client is looking to achieve. We put together a short video that is less...

AACD Partner Pearlette

Nearly all of the doctors I speak with believe that if they are excellent clinicians, they will be successful. Unfortunately, excellent patient care and clinical skills is just the ante. You need much more to truly win the game, because the patient is paying more...

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