Dental Team Compensation and Incentive Programs

A dental practice is only as good as its people. But how do you build an all-star team, and them keep them happy – all while ensuring the financial health of the practice and an appropriate profit for the practice owner? They key is a solid dental team compensation plan and incentives.

Staff compensation is an important issue and a critical component of a practice culture that supports self-direction and growth. Unfortunately, it is also complicated. The realities of dental practice finance may not be obvious to the independent dentist/owner much less the team.

In this study club, Larry Guzzardo, All-Star Dental Academy’s Head Instructor, will be giving you an overview of dental team compensation and incentive programs.

Join us and explore this topic to ensure you are taking the right approach to financial and communication issues.

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Dental Team Compensation Study Club, we covered:

  • How to come up with compensation and incentive plans that won’t bankrupt you
  • Determine if you are paying your employees fairly
  • Understand how to calculate what you can afford to pay your team
  • Learn how to conduct a salary review
  • Find out if your plan is easy and simple.

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About Larry Guzzardo

Larry Guzzardo is a highly sought after dental practice consultant and international speaker. His skill and talent is offering practical, common sense solutions to improve dental practice productivity. In addition to his consulting business, Larry is All-Star Dental Academy’s head instructor. He is also a faculty member at the Dawson Academy.

About All-Star Dental Academy

All-Star Dental Academy is online training and certification for dental practices, utilizing phone service skills and productive scheduling to increase profitability and enhance the patient experience. All-Star Dental Academy is not static. It is always evolving and growing. The program is composed of the best instructors, experts, and contributors in dentistry. It’s all about you – the dentist and the team member.

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