Dental Workshops: Turn Meeting Frown Upside Down

As we discussed in Why Dental Meetings Suck, there are lots of reasons why dental meetings are not productive.

The perfect solution are dental workshops.

What the “heck” are dental workshops? I’m glad you asked.

Dental workshops are a very focused type of meeting that unlike meetings:

  • Start and end on time (a must!)
  • Usually consist of only ONE topic
  • Get the benefit of the group’s mastermind
  • Create action, policies, and procedures

So, let’s say you picked a topic called How To Improve Patient Service. You would have all your team members write down their top ideas without blurting the answer out. Then, you would prioritize everyone’s answers. The team would vote on the top answers. You then assign action steps for the best ideas. And, you then do another workshop next dental workshop meeting.

In your next workshop, you would go deeper on each of answers you received from the prior workshop. So, if one item was that you could improve patient service by making a follow up call after visits, you may want to ask the group to write down their own ideas. Then, you followed the process you discussed before.

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