Human Microbiome – What Every Dental Pro Needs to Know

Dr. Uche Odiatu is interviewed on Dental All-Stars, to explore dentistry’s role in gut health, microbiome’s evolution, and inflammation control.


About Dr. Uche Odiatu

Dr Odiatu is a Doctor of Dental Medicine. He is a professional member of the ACSM American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified Personal Trainer (National Strength & Conditioning Association) NSCA and the Canadian Association of Fitness Professionals CanFitPro. He is the co-author of the Miracle of Health (c) 2009 John Wiley (hardcover) & (c) 2015 Harper Collins & has lectured in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, the UK and Europe. An invited guest on over 400 TV and radio shows from ABC 20/20, Canada CTV AM, Breakfast TV to Magic Sunday Drum FM in Texas. This high energy health care professional has done over 450 lectures in seven countries over the last 15 years.

About Alex Nottingham, JD, MBA

Alex is the CEO and Founder of All-Star Dental Academy®. He is a former Tony Robbins top coach and consultant, having worked with companies upwards of $100 million. His passion is to help others create personal wealth and make a positive impact on the people around them. Alex received his Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University.

Episode Transcript

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This is Dental All-Stars, where we bring you the best in dentistry on marketing, management, and training. Here’s your host, Alex Nottingham. Welcome to Dental All-Stars. We got Dr. Uche Odiatu, and he is the author of The Miracle of Health, and he’s also an NC, NSCA certified personal trainer, professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine.


He’s given 600 lectures in seven countries since 2015 on all aspects of integrating wellness and nutrition into the chair side conversation. He’s obviously a dentist or maybe not obviously, but many people know him. He is a dentist. We’re so happy to have you Dr. Uchi. Hey, always a pleasure. Love sharing. I’m ready to rock. We had some time in the green room talking about some of my own personal requests and.


and advice from the guru here in dentistry and health. And we’re gonna talk about the human microbiome, what every dental pro needs to know. I know you’re really passionate about that. So tell me about the microbiome, how you got interested in it and that journey. Yeah, it’s powerful only because it’s so primordial. I think everyone jumps into which supplement to take, protein shake, do I need arginine?


How about orange theory? And I’m like, okay, what was on the planet first, five billion years ago? Nothing. And then for a billion years, there was no life. And then four billion years ago, single-celled organisms. And I know sometimes, sometimes some audiences, I gotta apologize for different theories of creation, but anthropologists and scientists have talked about the first life form on the planet was single-celled organisms. So bacteria have been on the planet for four billion years. That being said


Those same bacteria have morphed to, but it took 800 million years for them to go from one cell to two cells. So these little two-celled living organisms and they evolved into every other life form. So the neat thing is though, they actually inhabit our bodies. We have 42 trillion single-celled organisms in both of us.


and many of them are on the planet for billions of years. So that being said, they don’t know anything about L-arginine and protein shakes and gluten-free bread. What they do want though is fiber because back before humanity invented fire, we spent about, so five, six million years ago, our human ancestors, Homo habilis and that little Lucy from three and a half million years ago, they ate.


weeds and shrubs and plants all day. They spent a good 19 hours a day eating raw plants. And it wasn’t until we started developing fire that we were able to cook it. And what happened was the intestine shrank and the brain grew. But our bacteria has spent millions of years fermenting fiber, that’s all we had.


So that being said, when people talk to me about what’s the limiting factor in most people and you know, Ooch, why is your skin smooth or why don’t you pop ibuprofen every day like the rest of us? I’m like, because our bacteria ferment fiber and they’ve been doing that for millions of years. And back in the caveman cavewoman days, they had about a hundred grams a day. Nowadays, average North American has 12 grams a day. So the average person…


all things held equal are starving their single-cell organisms of the one thing they want, which is fiber. So, everything I’ve read, and I’ve read all the current books on the human microbiome and the microbiome and the biota, only 5% of people eat the required amount of fiber. So you can even not even understand about the biome, but if we listen to our mothers and grandmothers or wives or mothers and great grandmothers, they just say, eat your vegetables.


the National Institute of Health, most people aren’t eating up fiber. So that’s my foundation. And if that’s all anyone took away, that’s something they do. Everyone needs to eat more plants, raw or cooked. I think as dentists and dental professionals, we overthink it. But fermenting fiber is what our bacteria have been doing for millions of years. They don’t know about orange theory and CrossFit and supersets and…


Apple cider vinegar, you know, fibers, their jam. Yeah, it’s interesting. I’m sure you’ve heard this numerous times, but we’re more bacteria than we are. Human cells. We have more bacteria in our body than we do human cells. So, yeah, it’s they and they don’t have a brain, but they have a consciousness. Like think of it that way.


They don’t have a brain. So we have this, you know, we have multiple degrees, post-grad programs, you read books, we write, we listen. Bacteria don’t have a brain, but if you starve them of fiber, guess what? They will make you have mental fog, brain fog. Yeah, and they, and isn’t it, part of our hunger comes from the bacteria. Isn’t that true? Or I heard.


or anytime they’re not getting what they want, they will have you keep searching for food. They’ll have you keep putting food down your face. And they don’t have eyes. They don’t have to drive, you know, a Corvette, a Maserati, I’m not sure what you drive Alex, but probably a nice car. Then all they can do is make you wanna eat. They don’t know about the golden arches. They don’t know about any fast food addiction. What they do know is though, please keep sending down food into your mouth. And if you keep sending down processed junk food,


too much meat with no fiber, they will keep you searching. The minute you have an avocado though, the bacteria go, hey, they sit back like Al Bundy, hand in their pants going, I’m happy. You have an avocado, it cuts your appetite. I’ve never had it, I don’t know anyone that’s eaten three apples and only 450 calories. All of a sudden your biome’s happy. So one easy way to stop cravings and have a flat stomach, eat more fiber, it’s like it’s cheap, it’s free, it’s a no brainer.


Wow, that’s fascinating. So tell us about the impact on our health by not having, because you’re saying like with the microbiome, we gotta eat fiber, that’s your message. And so I wanna hear the impact on health and I’d like you to also get to about supplementation. Do we take probiotics? Do we get it from yogurt? Is that helpful too? Because you have the…


the bacteria, the microbiome itself, but then you also have its food source, the prebiotics, which are the fiber. So tell us about that. You know, what are your thoughts on that? And again, this is not my research. I just read seven books on it. So- Oh, there’s only seven books. I read a few articles. There’s only seven books. So I saw something on my- I studied at a Holiday Express, so I’m an expert. Go ahead. So if you spend 100 hours just studying one subject,


You know more than 95% of people in the world in your subject. 95% of people. So you read seven books.


I’m a top 5% microbiome guru and none of it’s my research. I just read papers, I’ve read stuff from the National Institute of Health. I know the first human microbiome project was completed in 2012 in Bethesda, Maryland. They’ve done two more phases. They’ve now chronicled, there’s about up to 20,000 species of bacteria in your, my body. And Rob Knight, the founder of the American Gut Project has shown, and this is where it gets kind of cool, he was the keynote speaker at the gastroenterology


the annual national meeting of gastroenterologists. So when you think of human microbiome, think of gastroenterologists. So this microbiologist, Rob Knight, who was the founder of the American Gut Project, had a one hour keynote. So this guy’s been studying the biome, he’s chronicled, he’s sampled and micro-essayed Americans’ poop for the last 10 years. And what they’ve shown is, the more diverse your diet, the more diverse plants and fruits and good quality meat you eat,


the greater species of bacteria you have inside you. So anyone who’s got a greater species volume, it means it’s like having multiple ways to get paid in a dental office. If all you get paid in a dental office is by Venmo, and you just did six crowns on me, guess what? I can’t pay you. It’s like having multiple ways to get paid. Venmo, Amex, Discover, Enroute, Visa, MasterCard. So the more species of bacteria you and I have inside us, the healthier we are.


So up to 20,000 species. So again, it’s one thing to understand the science. It’s another, I think is always the application. Like a lot of us know a lot of cool stuff, but how can I apply it? So when every time I say scientific finding, I try and say how people can apply it. So the more variety of vegetables and fruit you eat, the more variety of bacteria you have, because they will entice more varieties into your body and make them happy so they flourish.


And a key part of that is the biome, the bacteria, they have a direct impact in making 40% of the circulating metabolites in our body. So 40% of the stuff that circulates here in my body is powerfully implicated and directly influenced by the bacteria. And that’s why I use starvum, brain fog, cravings, chronic disease, inflammation, accelerated aging.


and people are pulling your hair out trying to take pills and do I wear orange glasses? No, eat a salad. Can I get it in a pill? Eat some broccoli. Can I put it in my shake? Eat it the way you can. No cave, we think of, we’d be eating salad, if you want to talk about salad.


in his whole form for three, four, you know, little Lucy, where she was four feet tall, 60 pounds, fell out of a tree. They only found 40 of her bones, but the anthropologist thinks she actually died from falling out of a tree. But she ate all of her food raw. There was no fire back then. So they didn’t know blender. So anytime we eat food away from its natural state, our bacteria go like, what the hell is that? What am I dealing with? Makes it more confusing for them to eat. So, and again, I’m just trying to make it easy for listeners or viewers to take


takeaway point. So, you know, look at them already. Eat vegetables, they’re good for you. A variety is really good for you. Half of, most of dentists are starving their bacteria of fiber. So they could have, you know, an Itero, they can have a greater hygienist, they can have a beautiful office. But if they’re starving their bacteria of fiber, they will have lack of mental clarity. They won’t sleep well. They will age quicker. They’ll have to


So eating salad can literally help a dentist work another 10 years. And if the average salary is 300,000, that’s $3 million for having an extra romaine lettuce and olive oil and balsamic vinegar every day. Like so I know I try to reduce it to the ridiculous, but that’s an insane selling feature to have a salad every day. So it sounds like you’re not really pro probiotic.


I take some. So a lot of jet lag. This is Sean Stevenson wrote a book called Sleep Smarter, 20-month strategy to sleep smarter. He said that in the journal Cell, they actually showed that a lot of jet lag, that feeling of brain fog. Are you in the Eastern time zone? Yes, sir. So if you went to Maui, which is five hours, five time zones away, you and I, you know, we could travel there.


We feel achy. We feel bloated.


It’s not because our, you know, our breakling, our Rolexes are not telling time. It’s the fact that our biome is going, why are you going to the bathroom at two o’clock in the morning? You poop at seven. So probiotics help placate your bacteria to make them get back on track. A few, there’s a few other ways to get back on track for jet lag, but I double up on a probiotic when I’m traveling. So do you take a probiotic maintenance every day? I skip all the times, even in, you know, doctors have, you know, talk about patients having a drug holiday, right?


you take a you could take a bisphosphonate medication for bone density for years and also the doctor says hey go off it so it’s called a drug holiday so i talk about a drug holiday with my supplements so every now and then i stop taking them oh cool yeah because if you live a life in balance it’s not life or death to take vitamin d drops it’s not life or death and what they say they’re supplements they’re meant to supplement what you’re currently doing it doesn’t mean that they become the replacement source


of so you’re saying go close to source. And I love what you’re talking about is understanding our evolutionary biology. And what’s tough with today’s society, there can be a whole nother podcast, but just how social media and a lot of things that we have, we have not been designed to handle some of these inputs. And even the way we work and sitting, we haven’t been built for that. So we have to try to honor our evolutionary biology to.


to be able to be more productive and so on. Like you said, sunlight, water, fiber, these are all some of the basic stuff you need. And I see, you’re exactly right, Alex. And I think a lot of experts online, they argue over fringe, obscure points, you know? And that’s how you differentiate yourself.


Hey, I say bulletproof coffee and you say you should put a ghee in it. Oh, I say you should put cream in it. I say you should drink it black. I say it should be organic. And they argue over these points. But the experts, what they have shown in this epic study of seven countries over three years, a million people, they showed drinking coffee every day lowers the chance of heart disease and increases life expectancy. And then the expert starts arguing over what kind of coffee.


All coffee is good except is it is it coffee or is it the caffeine? That’s the bean. It’s the bean. The bean has fiber and has polyphenols. So the bean has fiber polyphenols even decaf coffee as polyfi as polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Interesting. Make sure buy them happy. So let me let me clarify this here. This is very interesting. So and again, you got to see what about it. Like, all right. So you’re saying in the morning have some even if it’s decaf.


it’s still gonna give you the effect you’re looking for? Decaf still, but actually decaf coffee has as a kind of a chlorination process. Right. It takes the caffeine out and it never gets down to zero. Just reduces it oftentimes by 50%. So you’re still getting it.


Right. But so again, there’s a whole new take on this coffee first thing in the morning. If you’re not sure, you know, Andrew Huberman, Andrew was a neuroscientist out of Sanford. New now neuroscientists say in the morning, our bodies naturally get a spurt of adrenaline and our liver is a spurt of glucose. So and you got to think, you look at evolution, biology, anthropology, millions of years. If it came, if you and I needed coffee first thing in the morning, we’d have no ancestors would be dead.


Nature provides us with a little bit of glucose out of our liver in the morning and a little bit of adrenaline and a natural rising cortisol. So if an evading tribe came into your or my cave, we could fight them and run. We wouldn’t say, hey, I’m nothing without my coffee. So this whole idea of being nothing without your coffee, you’re going against millions of years of human evolution that has programmed us to, first in the morning, we naturally get a spiking glucose from our liver and we naturally get a…


adrenaline and cortisol. That’s why you can work out an empty stomach. You know, so these people, if I could work out for an hour, an empty stomach, how come people can’t go to their car without a big jug of coffee? Well, that’s why it’s so difficult to lose weight, easy to gain weight, because our body is designed because we have such a rich food. We never had rich food evolutionary that when our body sees it, it is going to store whatever energy we’re not using because it assumes we will starve. So it is fighting.


It’s designed to fight starvation our body, essentially.


And again, there’s a guy named Azerinsky and he said, everything is understandable. If you look at it in terms of evolution, which none of us like to go to, we’re talking about AI, talking about digital Bitcoin, Coinbase. I’m thinking, you know, that whole thing of scarcity and abundance. That’s what makes you’re my amygdala. The amygdala is a dinosaur, a reptilian part of my brain that when we see a flight, you could have a net worth of $10 million. If you saw free food at my party, your brain would go,


Me, I’ll tell you something funny speaking of this. So I can afford I’ll tell you I’ll tell you what the situation happened. My refrigerator condenser broke. We’re getting a new refrigerator and I went to save all my pre-made meals and they defrosted overnight okay and I put them in the different freezer and then yesterday I ate one and I’m okay I’m okay but I was nervous but theoretically you should throw everything out.


that was kind of defrosted, maybe, but maybe. What was it worth? What was it worth really? Like I have what? Two of the drugs. Yeah, exactly. But imagine, imagine, Salmonella could put you, could put you out for four weeks. I understand that, but it’s a, that’s the point. It’s amazing that I could afford a lot of those meals. And I’m like, and I’m still going to eat them. And that’s that part of, that’s your Freddie Flintstone brain.


said food is good. Don’t throw out food. But that’s what I realized that is I honor that part of me that you can’t what does it say like


something about you can take the what out of the dog, but whatever, it’s still gonna be there. That tendency we have. Now let me ask you, clarify with me the application, because I’m interested about this coffee thing. So I’ve heard as well, you don’t wanna take, well, the caffeine aspect of it too early. That there’s a certain time zone. I know, for example, like before you, at about three o’clock, I start to like, the rhythm goes down, like caffeine tea is helpful.


at that point. But you’re saying, which is I never heard before, I’m always learning with with you, Uji, is that the coffee, it’s not just the caffeine, you’re saying it’s the other elements of the coffee that help you biologically, right? So, so A, clarify that and B, when’s the best time to take it? Okay, new neuroscience over the last year said, wait an hour to two hours to have it,


you’re hijacking your natural rhythm. And another gentleman, another neuroscientist out of Stanford says, we stack dopamine too much. It’s just like, so in the morning, if your body gives you adrenaline, cortisol and glucose, and now you throw a grande latte in, your body’s going, hey, I was fine on my own. Why are you blessing me? It’s like, and they’ve said, we shouldn’t stack.


Too many good things on top of each other every day. Like you lose, it’s the law of familiarity. It’s also a psychological dependence. There’s a video, the one that I sent you called the happiness set point that I just went out.


a few weeks ago that I put on the podcast as well. And in the studies, there’s this concept called hedonic adaptation. Have you heard of it? I’ve heard of it. So well, well, it’s not even well, HED is well, I don’t know if it comes from the same word, but hedonic adaptation means that we will adapt to our circumstances. So if we like you say paraplegics.


It’s terrible what happens after a few years they adjust back to their happiness set point What genetically their program or programming to do if we get millions of millions of dollars when the lottery we will be really happy But soon we will adapt and we will come back to our set point 50% of our set point It’s genetics only 10% is our circumstances. So more money will only make you 10% happier 40% according to research we can control based on


mindfulness activities and so on. In face, yeah. Exactly, so my point is that from a biological perspective, our body, our perception and our neurotransmitters will adapt, so if you keep flooding yourself with dopamine, those receptors will start to kinda, they’ll adjust so there’s too much in the system. So that’s what I’m hearing is that if you do too much of a good thing, it will no longer feel like a good thing. That’s who does the adaptation. It’s like Andrew Tate.


with his five Bugattis. Bugatti is like a $3 million car and he can get three miles to a gallon. So, hey, I’d be happy with a Jag or the brand new Corvette. But also if I have seven, I’m not seven times as happy. If I got a Bugatti for $3 million, I’m not 300 times as happy. And this is what we were talking about earlier. As we said earlier, moderation is your…


your mantra because too much isn’t going to mean better. More is not better. You can’t have just Hills. You know, you need the valleys, right? Just like they said, what makes cocaine and meth so addictive is that it ramps up dopamine to 10,000 times within five seconds. And then the low, you go low.


and it stays low until you do it again. It goes lower than it was before and it flattens out even after. So that’s why I can get really happy just looking at past pictures of my kids growing up. I can close my eyes and think of my first keynote in Colorado in 2019 and look at 2,000 people. And I can fill my body with endorphins.


Bugatti is not going to make me 5,000 times happier. So that’s why they said you can hack your biome, sorry, you can hack your hormonal system and physiology to spend more time happier. And a lot of really wealthy people who have a lot of nice things enjoy watching others play with their things more than they like having them. So true. So a lot of really wealthy people only enjoy their house when it’s full of guests.


When they’re on their own, they’re thinking, man, I need a vodka and water. But you fill it with a hundred people playing with their unicorn in their pool and driving the Bugatti and doing selfies beside the Ferrari and their ice sculpture. And they’re all excited, but put them alone, the unhappiest rich guy on the street. We’re having so much fun here. I’m pulling you off in all of these tangents and it’s just like, it’s a pleasure. So back to, I’ll bring the listeners back to microbiome. What diseases are based on microbiome


and how can we get healthier? Yeah, this is where it starts getting pretty cool because almost all of the modern degenerative diseases have an inflammatory component or inflammation. Out-of-control inflammation plays a key part. Arthritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, diabetes, obesity. Alzheimer’s is a lifetime of chronic inflammation is what David Perlmutter said out of Florida, psychiatrist. Peridontitis, gingivitis. Cardiovascular disease is an inflammatory component.


Cancer hijacks your inflammatory system and uses inflammation at every step of its way to metastasis by hijacking your inflammation. So one way to get your biome to douse the flame’s inflammation is


to eat more vegetables because when you’re biome, these billion year old single cell organisms, without a brain, without any post-brad studies, they’ve never been to COIST, they’ve never been to LVI or PANKE, all they want is they want to ferment fiber. And when they ferment fiber, they make one of the most anti-inflammatory components in the body, which is short chain fatty acids, SCFAs. You and I both have them. But if you had more than me, you can douse the flames easier. So if there’s a fire in the room behind you, you’d have a bucket of 10 gallons of water


But if I hated vegetables, buy a lot of boxed and canned food, if I drank a lot, guess what? I would go to my fire and I would spit out of it and no water would come out. So basically the biome ferments fiber and it causes a huge way to douse the flames because SCFAs, which is the byproduct of fermentation from the bacteria,


douses the flames of inflammation. So anyone that’s eating vegetables every day, a salad, an avocado, two apples, two cups of coffee at four grams each, you’re eating for a woman 25 grams and a man 35 grams a day, you have two big buckets of water. Inflammation has nowhere in your body. I had my body scanned this morning. I had a bio scan, I had some fascia work, and the therapist said, “‘Ooch, nothing in your body is tight.'”


She goes, she moved my shoulder. She goes, there’s nothing tight. She went around. She goes, I can tell you’re hydrated. And she goes, your joints, there’s no clicking. And I’m thinking like, this is an objective opinion. I didn’t tell her what I was doing. So it’s incredible how it plays out. Like just, if you told every dentist in America, all 200,000, that you can have unsticky joints, your joints would move without clicking and locking, and you’d be pain-free by eating an avocado and an apple and having some dark roast arabica bean coffee.


Thanks for watching!


You know, wow, give me that, you know, and I could actually help them live another 10 years, which I wouldn’t mind a percentage of that because another 10 years of being a dentist is three million dollars. So I could almost help every dentist who’s listening or hygienist. Three million dollars. Give me 10 percent to give you another decade simply by following some of the advice that you and me that you’re inspiring me to share. Oh, it’s beautiful. So my last question was, what do dentists need to know about the gut? And I think you kind of lay that out. But do you want to kind of summarize?


What from our listeners, what a dentist need to know for about the gut. Okay. So very basic. A lot of people research for the gun to an office. A lot of research. A lot of people go research. So if you have an emergency patient coming into a high tech office, I tarot, they have all the beautiful digital pan. They got the CAD CAM unit. They got the serac. Patient comes in with their emergency before people go into a dentist. They look up abscess. They look up swelling.


and they look up, the dentist might give you an antibiotic. And then they look up, you know, or WebMD and it says, if you get an antibiotic, you might wanna take a probiotics. They look up probiotics and antibiotics. So they come into this high tech office, you know, $10 million worth of beautiful stained glass and all this beautiful, and they ask the doctor, hey.


you’re probably going to be antibiotic, right? Oh yeah, because I don’t have time. I fit you in. I’m just going to put you on 10 days of voxicillin. And if this new patient says, well, I need to probiotic. And the dentist goes, ah, you don’t need them. The new research says you don’t need them. Then the patient goes, wow.


Webcam, WebMD, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Axe, and a whole bunch of other websites talk about the value of a probiotic, not that it works a miracle, it just helps to stabilize the biome, especially in vulnerable people, which is women and older women. So pseudo-membrous colitis is a crazy illness. So let’s go talk about C. difficile overgrowth. So you have 10 days of moxicillin, or if someone’s shopping around for dentists, and they’re going for different dentists trying to fix what they fixed, and they have penicillin, amoxicillin, biaxin, and if they’re older,


eating fiber and if they’re a shift worker and if they have stress in their life and financial stress now they have a vulnerable GI tract so that last dose of antibiotics could put my system into disarray and now I’m having bloody diarrhea, bloating and the minute you have bloody diarrhea, bloating now your biome is mad. These biomes have been on the planet for five billion years. Guess what? You make the biome mad? Brain fog, digestive upset which means poor absorption of nutrients.


And it could set you on a long spiral path for a year into depression. So dentists need to learn more about the biome. So when patients ask questions, they don’t blow it off. You know, my medical doctor, I love my medical doctor, she was Uchi. I know you’ve just read articles. So tell me what you know first before she answers the question. So dentists should ask a patient when they ask about probiotics. Tell me what you know about probiotics. And they said, oh, my husband’s a chiropractor or my wife’s a chiropractor. And then then you are so lucky I didn’t blow it off. I come across like an idiot.


blowing off a subject which I know nothing about. They’re better off saying, I know nothing about it, but I’m open to hearing what you want to know. Now you seem like an enlightened dentist with your itero on your digital pan. So you need to read or attend my wellness courses to learn more about the vocabulary. Well, let’s put that in here. Let’s talk about that. And I’m gonna put a link in the show notes as well that we have a few resources, Dr. Uchi and also Grace Kim, you’re hosting three-day retreat.


Fit fit body calm mind inspire practice. We have that we have say hello to you at the next conference You also have direct messages. You love going now. How do we do the direct messages? How about the direct message you? Instagram I’m huge on Instagram Twitter. I answer all my own. I haven’t farmed it out I love I love hearing direct feedback doesn’t you know people farm out the shows media media Maybe you know Bill Dorfman does or you know, Dwayne the Rock Johnson does but I jump on and I like to


answer questions. It gives it puts my finger on the pulse of what people want to know. I might say here’s what I know. And then people ask me questions about something I didn’t even touch on or I assume everyone knows what I know and I realize now is there a web? I’m sorry. Instagram, Facebook, I’m active on Facebook, but all right, so we’ll put your answer in. We’ll put your Instagram link. You have all in Twitter. What about web? You have a website?


I do. It’s So And I didn’t even have my phone number on it. So I’m not going to give everybody out there to be, you know, your listen, don’t do that with my audience. They will. They will bug you and call you and text you. They’re they’re big learners and all that. But they can direct message you on Instagram. They have your website, all these great things. Dr. Uchi, thanks so much for being on the podcast. And remember everyone to follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.


And of course, we’re we then publish it to all the other channels. We’re even on Tick Tock to get episodes as they are released. Share with your friends. And until next time, go out there and be an all star. We hope you enjoyed this episode of dental all stars. Visit us online at


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Embracing Mistakes
Embracing Mistakes

Understanding that making mistakes is a natural part of any process will help you stop self-judgement and other negative thoughts. Resources: All-Star Live Dental Training Events Dental Coaching Dental Practice Growth Webinar About Shelly VanEpps Shelly is the VP of...

Tracking Case Acceptance
Tracking Case Acceptance

In this Dental All-Stars episode, Eric Vickery discusses the importance of tracking case acceptance and how coaching helps dental practices grow. Resources: All-Star Live Dental Training Events Dental Coaching Dental Practice Growth Webinar About Eric Vickery Eric...

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