According to Dr. Maxwell Maltz, “it is no exaggeration to say that every human being is hypnotized to some extent, either by ideas … uncritically accepted from others, or ideas … repeated [and accepted as] true.”


Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon that noticed that some patients did not feel better after a successful plastic surgery procedure.  He found that the issue was not the outside, but the inside.

He submits that self-image is the issue and that…

  1. All your actions, feelings, behavior–even your abilities–are always consistent with this self-image.
  2. The self-image CAN be changed.

Furthermore, “positive thinking” cannot help unless one’s self-image is responsive to those affirmations, which is what hypnosis is all about.

Dr. Maltz developed Psycho-Cybernetics.  Cybernetics regards the human brain and body as a goal-seeking machine which steers its way to a target or goal by use of feedback data and stored information, automatically correcting course when necessary.  “YOU” operate the machine, and the more clearly your mind and direction are, the more accurately your body will respond to create the world you seek.

Psycho-Cybernetics is the precursor of much of today’s motivational theory.


The key to hypnosis is the belief that the suggestions provided are true.

The reason we are all under hypnosis is because there are many beliefs that we think are true, and we therefore act in accordance to them.

Through hypnosis, powerful bodybuilders, for example, cannot lift pencils because they believe it is too heavy.  If this is possible, then the converse must be true–we can be programmed to do extraordinary things!

The Problem

The problem is that nearly everyone is hypnotized to have an inferiority complex.

The reality is that everyone is inferior to someone regarding some thing.  Dr. Maltz postures that the knowledge of inferiority is not the issue.  The issue is the feeling of inferiority.

The feeling of inferiority comes from the judging and measuring ourselves against some other’s “norm.”  This always puts us as second best.  Because of this, we feel miserable and not worthy.

The striving for superiority causes more frustration and can bring about neurosis.

The cure, according to Maltz, is to acknowledge that you are not inferior or superior to anyone.  You are just “YOU.”  You are unique and an individual.

The Solution

The solution or purpose is to reprogram oneself to enhance one’s self image.

Here are the steps to reprogram yourself towards a positive existence:

  1. Acknowledge that the brain and body serve your goals
  2. Discontinue comparing yourself to others, thereby removing any feelings of inferiority
  3. Only use positive self talk when interacting with yourself and others
  4. Meditate or visualize 30 minutes daily to ensure your body and mind are centered on your goals
  5. Most importantly, believe that all the positive statements you and others say are true.

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