Successful Dental Hiring – Part 2 of 3

Place an ad, read a resume, hire someone….how hard can it be? Successful Dental Hiring is not hard as long as you never make a mistake, never hire the wrong person, never have problems and never have turnover. Learn the latest foundation do’s and don’ts in recruiting that will support hiring the right person the first time. Your nerves and stress level will thank you.

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In this webinar about Successful Dental Hiring, we discussed:

  • How to solicit the right applicants with your advertisements
  • Effective ways to increase the applicant pool
  • About job applications: how to use them, why they’re valuable
  • How to pre-screen to weed out the bad from the good
Successful Dental Hiring – Part 2 of 3, All-Star Dental AcademyTim Twigg is the President of Bent Ericksen & Associates, which has been the leading authority in human resources and personnel management in the healthcare industry, helping dentists successfully deal with the ever-changing and complex labor laws. Tim brings over 30 years of practice management and business consulting experience and knowledge specifically in the healthcare field. Tim’s expertise extends to leadership and business development, strategic planning and marketing, and communication skills. He has presented seminars nationally on practice management, human resources, and employment compliance.

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