The Secret To Firing Dental Patients

Did you say fire dental patients?

Um, yes, I did.

I thought you are a dental marketing & business coach. Don’t you mean fire employees, not patients?

No. I mean fire dental patients.

Here is the deal. You will see that 20% of your patients make you 80% of your money. This is the Pareto Principle. These are the fee-for-service dental patients or the cosmetic & restorative cases. Those are the patients that give you the vast majority of your income.

Yes, the insurance patients contribute and require the highest level of service, but your focus needs to be on developing ways to generate more best dental patients—a strategy we discuss in another article. Doing this is part of goal setting and strategic management.

Start firing and dismissing those clients that give you a hard time, complain, do not pay on time or pay at all, and so on. This will create room for the patients that you do want.

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