A Quick Primer on Dental Goal Setting

Goal setting is the master skill in dental management. Goal setting forces you to develop long-term perspective, which is the ability to see how all your efforts and interactions affect you and your practice several years down the road.

The first key in dental goal setting is to this about your exit strategy. Yes, I did say exit strategy. You need to have your exit strategy out of dentistry before you even have your enter strategy. This will help you consider how you will value your company, whether and how to choose partners, how many offices to open, how to market, and so on. Having an exit strategy will also have you consider ways to address unforeseen challenges with changes in the economy or potentially a splitting of ways with a partner.

Now that you have your exit-enter strategy, you can start considering your strategic, operational, and tactical goals. Strategic goals are 5+ years. Operational goals are 1-5 years. And, tactical goals are day to day, week to week, and month to month.

Some of the goal setting concepts you will learn, are…

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