Business email etiquette is essential in today’s fast paced computer age. A great deal of communication, whether it be between an employee and a client, or employee-to-employee, is done via email. It is an effective way to have a conversation without having to take time out of the day to schedule a conference call, and it is also a means of having a documented conversation. This way, one can always refer back to the paper trail of what was said in the conversation.

It is also convenient for many business people who are always on-the-go because most cell phones have an email function. Now, people can simply go online with their phone to check their emails, and even post blogs and updates on their social networks.

Unfortunately, with the rapid growth of these social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace, people are quickly becoming accustomed to writing the same way that they would write on these websites, in an email. Slang, abbreviated words, overuse of inappropriate punctuation, and symbols, are only a few of the common misuses that people are committing in a business email.

One must remember that even though email seems more casual than a formal meeting or conversation, it is still work related and should be viewed in the same way. It will always make one seem more professional to have a well tailored and grammatically correct email. The email should be no different for work, then if you were composing a formal business letter.

Here are some helpful tips and points of what to-do, and what not-to-do when one composes a business email:

1. Do not use a personal email address. Rather, use one with your work’s domain name (e.g.

2. Make sure to include your company name in the Subject Line. Also, be sure to have a clear and concise subject topic.

3. Always try to make the email as formal as possible, while still having a warm tone. Start the email with Dear (Name). The opening line should always be something warm such as, “I hope that this email finds you well,” or “It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier.”

4. Include the reason for the email in a clear, concise, manner with times, dates, etc.

5. Always thank the person again in the end, and let them know that you look forward to their reply or response! (Remember: Tone/Voice Inflection does not come across in an email, and it is very easy for someone to think that you are being rude or short with them if it is not worded properly.)

6. Always take the time to re-read the email (at least 3 times!) to see how it would sound to you, if you were the receiver. Also utilize the spell check button and make sure that everything is spelled correctly and check for grammatical errors.

7. Try not to use abbreviations, slang, or any other bold printed font. This means that you are “YELLING!!!”

8. End the email with a formal salutation such as “Sincerely,” or “Regards,” skip a space and then put your First Name (Last name is not necessary). Below your name, put your office title. Then, put the office name. Make sure that if your contact information is not listed in the email such as phone number and website, that you include it in your salutation.

I have included an example email below:

Dear Bill,
It was a pleasure speaking with you today regarding your interest in Smile South Florida Cosmetic Dentistry!

I have scheduled you for an appointment in our Tamarac office on Thursday, July 9th at 1:15pm.

Here is the address of our Tamarac office:

Smile South Florida
7401 N University Drive
Suite 207
Tamarac, FL 33321

Someone will be contacting you via phone to reconfirm this appointment in a day or two. You can also reconfirm via email to

If you decide that you want to have an exam and x-rays taken, as well as meet with the periodontist, we can try to accommodate your request if we have the time available. The fee for the exam and x-rays is $250, and it is $125 to see the periodontist (implant specialist).I look forward to meeting you and I hope that you have a great day!


Guest Services Coordinator
Cosmetic Dentistry


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