David Moffet – Close Those Leaks in Your Practice

Most dentists believe when spaces occur in their Dental Schedule that they need to get more new patients. But more new patients is not the answer if patients are leaking out the back door and front door because of poor systems and protocols. There’s no point in running for the hose if your barrel is leaking like a sieve. Identifying your weak points, and fixing those defects makes much more sense before writing another cheque for more marketing.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify your Dental Office weak points and how to go about fixing them.
  • How to have ALL your team members buy in to the program of fixing your leaking barrel, once and for all
  • The ONE crucial stage of the patient visit that’s KILLING your practice, and how to fix that problem, once and for all.
  • How to set up your patients’ treatment appointments so that they become “Raving Fans” of your Dental Office.

To watch the entire webinar, click here.

David Moffet – Close Those Leaks in Your Practice, All-Star Dental AcademyAbout Our Expert:

Dr. David Moffet is a general dentist from Sydney Australia and the creator of The Ultimate Patient Experience™. The Ultimate Patient Experience™, or UPE, is a simple set of very specific, “common sense” patient service steps now being used by dentists all over the world, to create unique experiences for their patients. These experiences dramatically enhance patient visit values and repeat visits. The UPE is Dr. David Moffet’s “Secret Weapon” that allowed him to personally bill over $1.8M in services two years running, while working only 4 days a week, for 37½ to 40 weeks. Dr Moffet has refined and perfected this system over the last 17 years, to the point where it’s as reliable as a Swiss watch — no matter where you’re located or what kind of practice you are running. David used the Systems of The Ultimate Patient Experience™ to increase cash-flow and exponentially grow the value of his own practice. This allowed him to successfully sell his business in 2007 at a premium price of over $4 Million Dollars. Dr. David Moffet’s Ultimate Patient Experience™ shows dentists how to add a minimum of $100,000 to their bottom line, without any additional ad spend, new equipment, or stress. David’s Ultimate Patient Experience™ dramatically increases the individual value of each one of your patients, doubles (at a minimum) new telephone patient inquiry conversion rates… increases repeat patient visits… and increases your pricing structure, with no net patient loss. The UPE creates greater efficiency and unity with your staff, and reduces daily performance pressures normally felt by the Doctor and his team. Dentists all over the world are successfully using The UPE to transform their practices.

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