Dental Embezzlement : Why will 60% of dentists eventually become victims?

Renowned embezzlement expert David Harris will share some of his insight into dental embezzlement with us. He will discuss the embezzlement epidemic facing dentists and will provide some concrete steps that dentists can take to address the problem of employee embezzlement and avoid being 60% of dentists that become embezzlement victims.

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What we covered in this dental embezzlement webinar:

  • Why are dentists frequent victims of embezzlement?
  • How criminals think differently than everyone else (and why this matters)
  • Why what you have been told to do about embezzlement won’t work.
  • What actually works

About Our Expert:

Dental Embezzlement : Why will 60% of dentists eventually become victims?, All-Star Dental AcademyPrivate Investigator David Harris is the world’s leading expert on dental embezzlement. After a troubled adolescence, David changed his direction, completing a graduate degree in applied mathematics, a CPA, and certifications in fraud investigation and financial forensics. He became accidentally involved in an embezzlement investigation for dentists more than 25 years ago, and hasn’t left. David is a prolific writer and sought-after international speaker in this field, and his presentations have been described as a blend of “entertainment, insight and terror.”

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