Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Evolution of Media

Today’s customer is becoming more sophisticated and requires additional input to make a decision. Company’s must continually evolve to make an impression. Five years ago, just having a website was an advantage. Now, a website is common place.

To stand out, one must take the next step. The next step is to integrate multimedia into their website and marketing campaign. An excellent mechanism to accomplish this objective is an Electronic Press Kit.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

An EPK is a press kit in electronic form. In business, electronic press kits are more commonly referred to as online or electronic media kits. They are used to promote artists and businesses via mass media.[1] There are several examples of musician EPK’s on YouTube.[2] With respect to businesses, our multimedia consultant, Marlon Johnson, has produced an EPK for one of our clients.[3]

An EPK seeks to capture various aspects of a business and convey them to the public. A successful EPK will include products/services examples, customer testimonials, and problem identification & solutions.


The benefits of an EPK are:

  • Stronger audio-visual message
  • Competitive advantage through uniqueness
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Greater exposure


An EPK can be distributed and utilized in many ways. Usually, EPK’s are displayed on a company’s website and are included as a CD or flash drive in a physical press kit for solicitation of business and for tradeshows. EPK’s can be sent to or discovered by the press and media outlets, which make it easier for journalists to compile their presentation.


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