Find Your Calling, And Then Learn Your Craft

During a networking event I attended, I encountered a gentleman who offered a very insightful piece of advice.  He said…

“Find your calling, and then learn your craft.”

This means that one should move forward in pursuing what they love and what they were meant to do even if they are not completely “ready.”

To begin with, the feeling of “readiness” is a perception and often times we believe we know far less than we actually do.  If you feel 80% competent, then move forward on the next task and have confidence that you will figure the 20% out.

There is always more to learn.  One can never know everything there is in a particular craft.  However, one must continue to seek out new knowledge.

Finding your calling is an ongoing process as is learning your craft.  In addition to learning more, revisit your purpose and refine it as more information becomes available.

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