How To Create A Free Dental Guide

We have found that the most powerful form of education-based marketing is to develop a free book or guide about an area of dentistry and distribute the materials to as many people as possible.

Building a free book is an art and a science. You have to make the book interesting and fun while at the same time getting the potential patient schedule an appointment to see you, which is often referred to as a “call to action.”

I could spend at least 100 pages teaching you how to build a free book and most importantly, how to promote it, but that would take us out of scope of this book. But, I will not leave you hanging…

Here is, however, a basic copywriting format to follow:

  • Intro from the dentist
  • Social proof (i.e. testimonials)
  • Some sample photos
  • Great content (i.e. 10 common mistakes or types of procedures)
  • A close from the dentist & call to action

In creating a free book for patients, consider hiring a talent copywriter. If the guide is too academic, no one will read it or respond to it. Have the book laid out in a very attractive electronic version because this will be your most cost effective way of distributing your book. Print versions are also good, too.

Creating your book or guide is just 10% of the work. Really. Only small part is creation. The key is execution. You must learn the best tactics to deploy an electronic book (E-book).


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