How To Do A Dental Gap Analysis

A dental gap analysis is a part of dental goal setting where you look at your practice and personal life and see where there are shortcomings or “gaps.”

The first questions you want to consider is: what are the biggest constraints facing your business?

This could be time, capital, equipment, marketing visibility, staff, and so on. Write down the top 10 and prioritize your list.

After you found your major constraints/gaps, consider the following:

  • If you don’t change them, where will you be in 2-5 years?
  • How will this impact your company?
  • How will this impact your financial future?
  • How will this impact you personally—family, body, health?

Now that you wrote down the answers to these questions, you can see and feel the impact. Most dentists are not going to like what they see. That is okay. Pain is a powerful motivator. It creates action.

The opposite of pain and fear, is reward and hope. You get into that state by considering:

  • What if you do solve them?
    • How will you feel?
    • How will it change your life? Be specific?

Do this exercise every 3 months and you will notice a significant effect on your perspective and positive changes to your dental practice.


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