New Patient Phone Call FAILS! Part 2

Or… Does this happen in your practice?

DON’T Let Phone Mistakes Cost you a Million Dollars in Patient Life-Time-Value Revenue

“We used to see around 65 to 70 new patients a month. 
After training with All-Star, we see about 250 new patients a month!

Failing to convert new patient phone calls is costing you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year!

I’m not exaggerating. I’m not equivocating. It’s a fact.

Those that have been following us for a while, and certainly our members, know this.

For those who like numbers, I’ll do some math for you a little later in this post. HOWEVER, numbers aren’t real for many of you!

What I mean by this is that numbers don’t always hit you emotionally. And without emotion, it doesn’t really sink in.

We audit thousands of calls a year and hear many mistakes.

I just WISH I could have you listen to some.

BUT, playing real call recordings for you would be a HIPAA violation. And mystery calls are UNETHICAL.

I found a SOLUTION.

Heather, our VP of Training, and I decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary – and really fun – but still educational. Just for you.

We listened to a bunch of calls from new All-Star Dental Academy(R) Training Program clients, and found some epic FAILS. We made sure to remove any personal information (for HIPAA compliance) and reenacted them. These reenactments are a way you can see and hear REAL PATIENT CALLS.

Watch or listen NOW!

Disclaimer: Our acting is subpar, especially my own. Please have mercy on us. LOL. We went outside our comfort zone to help you not just hear, but FEEL a bad call.

These calls happen – every day!

The thing is that we almost always THINK we sound good on the phone and are doing a good job working with new patients on calls, but without auditing and listening to calls and getting good feedback, how will you improve? Without this sort of coaching you will continue to be mediocre. And that is a recipe for failure.

Okay, now that you watched a call FAIL, learn how to do it RIGHT!

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In the webinar, we show you EXACTLY how to answer a phone call and make a great impression using our GREAT Call(R) Process. We provide you step by step verbiage.

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As promised, here is some MATH for those teachers that say, “Show your work!”

The average new patient revenue in the first year is $1,050. Average lifetime value of a patient is 10 years, roughly $6,500. If you miss a call conversion per day at 16 days per month, that is $104,000 of lifetime business to the practice. GONE. DONE. YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK!

If you make these mistakes for 12 months, say GOODBYE to $1.2 MILLION!

Now, that you’ve seen the MATH and watched us reenact ACTUAL REAL CALL FAILURES, you SHOULD say to yourself, “Gosh, if I’m even 10% as bad, I NEED to do something about this.” Because “pretty good” is not good enough!

SOLUTION: Sign up for the webinar right now! Pick a day and time and show up. Don’t accept any more COSTLY mistakes.

The webinar will provide you the blueprint for answering the phone properly, plus learn how to reduce broken appointments and turnover. This is serious, actionable content!

“My office has been using All-Star Dental Academy’s Training Program for two years.
My marketing company rep recently told me that he had
out of 111 calls in a recent period of time, 110 booked! 
All-Star Dental Academy made my front desk person into an All-Star! 
The results are amazing.

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