New Patient Phone Call FAILS! Part 3!

For lasting success, the New Patient Phone Call is one of the most critical systems you need to optimize.

Beyond the obvious reason – that you MUST get new patients into your practice – there is a lot more to “success” on new patient calls than just getting the caller to make an appointment.

Failing to convert new patient phone calls is DIRECTLY costing you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year in revenue.

But there are other losses that come from a bad new patient call.

When you bungle a new patient call – even if the caller eventually makes an appointment – you have squandered a one-time opportunity to make a lasting, positive first impression and establish a warm and friendly relationship.

The benefits of making a GREAT first impression are many. Click here to read a blog post about that subject.

The COSTS of failing to make a connection with a potential new patient are sky-high. It’s no joke – when you establish rapport with a caller, EVERYTHING further down the line with that patient is easier.

  • It’s easier to get them to show up for their appointment
  • It’s easier to get them to accept treatment recommendations
  • It’s easier to get the patient to pay on time
  • And it’s easier to get them to refer friends and family

At All-Star, we evaluate thousands of calls a year for our clients and hear front-desk teams make lots of mistakes that not only cost their practices tons of money, but gives everyone in the practice heartburn from the stress of no-shows and poor collections.

About this Video

Heather and I came up with a fun way to bring some “real” and “REAL BAD” calls to you. These calls were from new All-Star clients, so they give a sense of how calls were handled “before” training with All-Star. We made sure to remove any personal information (for HIPAA compliance) in our reenactment.

Keep in mind that there is no judgement from Heather and I with these calls. We don’t really know the exact circumstances around the call, and we certainly don’t demonize the team member. Few of us are born with the ability to connect quickly and effectively with strangers over the phone.

But with dedicated training and constructive feedback, just about ANYONE can learn to welcome a new patient into your “family.”

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