A quick and easy solution to all your Dental Practice Management problems?

People love the idea of finding a quick and easy solution to all kinds of problems, not just dental practice management challenges. In fact, it is such a powerful human desire that there is a myth that surrounds the idea: the “silver bullet” – a metaphor for a simple, seemingly magical, solution to a difficult problem. You want to lose some weight? Here’s your silver bullet solution. Hair loss? Silver bullet. Can’t sleep? Silver bullet.

A quick and easy solution to all your Dental Practice Management problems?, All-Star Dental Academy

In dentistry, you will see consultants, marketers, and training companies offer up their silver bullet, often for a low low monthly price. Buy their product and all your problems will be gone in days… right?

But, in reality, the silver bullet to solve all your problems is to…


A quick and easy solution to all your Dental Practice Management problems?, All-Star Dental Academy

No such thing as a Silver Bullet

There are no quick and easy solutions to your practice management challenges. If anyone tells you that there are, run the other way! A successful dental practice isn’t overly complicated, but it is not easy or fast to get there.

Also, you don’t want a silver bullet solution.

Easy, cheap, and fast? Why not?

In mythology, anything that seems easy, cheap, or fast always has a terrible hidden cost. Jack’s golden-egg laying goose came at the cost of a murderous giant hot on his tail. Using manipulative sales tactics to drive in new patients, for a more direct example, has a real long term negative of providing a diminished patient experience that will cost you extra money in cancellations, unhappy patients, and bad online reviews.

A quick and easy solution to all your Dental Practice Management problems?, All-Star Dental Academy

Unhappy patients are no joke

“Hard effort is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile” -Vince Lombardi

Think about anything worthwhile that you have accomplished. Most likely It took time and dedication, but the result was meaningful. Dental school is a good example. Long hours in the classroom and more long hours out of the lecture hall. But that diploma is a worthwhile achievement. Now consider things you have achieved quickly with little investment of time and energy. Typically, there is some quick improvement but then a slow return to the earlier state with no long-lasting impact, like a crash diet where after a month or two, you have returned to your previous weight (or even gained back more).

Quick and easy solutions or shortcuts do not lead to lasting impact

The key is to implement changes that are “sticky.” When you put real effort into making a systemic change, you will find that the effects of the change are long-lasting. And when you make a significant investment that succeeds, you appreciate it more. You respect the effort you put into it. You understand the change thoroughly and know all the challenges you overcame. It is hard to fail once you achieved something you did diligently. This is why we recommend only 20 minutes a week of training over time, versus hours and hours all at once. No shortcuts to success!

A proven system

At All-Star, we have a proven system that works if you follow the process and stick to the game plan. Avoid seeking out quick and easy solutions to your dental practice management challenges. Implementing changes to your practice that will stick and continue to be effective is not easy or quick. Focus on one activity, do it well, and reinforce it. Not quite a silver bullet, but certainly a successful formula.

You can keep looking for the easy, quick fix that will fade with time, or choose to make a meaningful and significant investment of your attention and energy that will last.

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