Sell Your Sizzle: The 5 Things Your Patients Should Know About Your Dental Office

There is immense competition out there when it comes to choosing a dentist; especially a cosmetic dentist.  If you know how to effectively marketing your dental office, there should be no shortage of new patients calling to ask questions and decide who they are going to use for their cosmetic dentistry procedures. Most patients are savvier than ever and are researching their dental providers thoroughly, and booking consultations with multiple dentists.

How do you differentiate your office and your dentist’s skills from everyone else out there?  You have to learn how to “sell your sizzle.”  Selling your sizzle means you have key elements of what make your dental office shine and stand out above others.  Simply telling a patient they should choose your office because the dentist is amazing is not enough specific information to convince them effectively.

Here are the top 5 things your patients should know about your dental office:

  1. Awards/Accolades
  2. Continuing Education/Accreditations/ Certifications
  3. Media/Press
  4. Community Involvement
  5. Any extra fun facts about your dentist or office (“The lab we use only works with the top 2% of dentists in all the US!”)

Any other favorite “sizzle” you like to sell?

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