How To Start a Dental Practice

In this series of workshops, All-Star Head Instructor Larry Guzzardo and All-Star Founder and CEO Alex Nottingham J.D. M.B.A. will explore the fundamental steps to building a successful dental practice – from assessing the potential of striking out on your own to an exit/transition event. Learn how to start a dental practice.

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Part 1: “How to start a practice”

How To Start a Dental Practice, All-Star Dental AcademyFor a dentist considering opening his or her own practice, the process can seem daunting. We will help you get a handle on where to begin.

  • Know where to start
  • Evaluate whether or not opening a practice is a good idea for YOU
  • Helping you answer the question: “Should you open your own practice?”
  • What are the right questions to ask?
    Who are the right people to know?
  • What other kind of resources should you know about?
    How to evaluate potential locations
  • What staff do you need to start
  • The basics of financing
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About Larry Guzzardo

Larry Guzzardo is a highly sought after dental practice consultant and international speaker. His skill and talent is offering practical, common sense solutions to improve dental practice productivity. In addition to his consulting business, Larry is All-Star Dental Academy’s head instructor. He is also a faculty member at the Dawson Academy.

About All-Star Dental Academy

All-Star Dental Academy is online training and certification for dental practices, utilizing phone service skills and productive scheduling to increase profitability and enhance the patient experience. All-Star Dental Academy is not static. It is always evolving and growing. The program is composed of the best instructors, experts, and contributors in dentistry. It’s all about you – the dentist and the team member.

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