Stop Selling Yourself And Your Dental Practice

You may be wondering, “Isn’t the whole point of marketing is to sell yourself and your practice?” Well, yes.

“Then, why are you listing this as a blunder?” Simple. Nobody cares about you and your practice.

Who are people really interested in? That’s right… THEMSELVES. If you knew how little people cared about you, you would be offended.

Let’s think of a fish analogy. Your ideal patient (fish) is not interested in you, but rather is interested in what you can do for them; how you can change their smile & their lives (fish food).

In order for your ideal patient to want to come to your practice, you must speak to them—their concerns, and interests. You must provide them with hope.

Telling them how good you are, how many years you have been practicing, or all your accolades is not relevant at the very beginning. These factors are important, but much later in the patient acquisition process.

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