The Power of Online Press Releases

The Internet has become a major forum where customers can search for businesses that fit their interest. In order for a customer to find a business, that business must have a sufficient web exposure.  This is accomplished principally through a company’s website.  However, just having a website is not necessarily enough. The search engines seek new/fresh content arranged in ways that most fit a particular search.  Therefore, for companies seeking to improve their web presence, they must improve their relevance among the search engines. One mechanism to improve search engine visibility is to post press releases to one’s website and submit copies to various press release websites.  However, it is not the quantity of submissions, but rather the quality of the press release and the press release websites where one is submitting.

I was amazed how quickly the press releases showed up in my search results!  Now, my patients can find me in places my website was not competitive in.

Dr. Mark Scheinberg

Cosmetic Laser Gynecology

In addition to the improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provided to a company’s website, press releases can stimulate idea and event generation. From the process of drafting press releases, companies have any opportunity to look within themselves and decide what they want to share with the world. Enthusiasm and creative improvements to a company are often positive side effects from the press release process. We therefore encourage those businesses interested in using press releases as a means to improve their SEO to be engaged in the drafting and formulating ides, rather than completely outsourcing the press release process. For those who need help drafting and submitting press releases, feel free to contact us. We have writers and consultants available to facilitate idea generation, write the press releases, and submit them to high quality press release websites.

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