Convenience, Personalization & Personal Care with Dr. Joseph Michelli

One of the constants for All-Star Dental Academy is the promotion of a service-based approach to the patient experience. One of the champions of service and experience in the modern business environment is Dr. Joseph Michelli. Dr. Michelli recently joined Alex Nottingham, JD MBA, CEO of All-Star, to discuss his latest work and how the concepts he studies in Fortune 500 organizations apply directly to the dental industry.

Convenience, Personalization & Personal Care with Dr. Joseph Michelli, All-Star Dental Academy

Joseph Michelli, Ph.D., is a certified customer experience professional, one of Global Guru’s top three experts on customer service, the author of nine business books about companies like Starbucks, Zappos, Mercedes-Benz, and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. In addition to joining the Wall Street Journal and New York Times #1 bestselling list, Dr. Michelli helps leadership teams improve the experiences they provide for team members and customers. He also is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker on leadership and customer or patient experience.

Watch Alex Nottingham, JD MBA, and Dr. Joseph Michelli talk about Michelli’s new book and how lessons learned apply to dentistry…

The Airbnb Way and Customer Experience

Dr. Michelli’s latest work is The Airbnb Way: 5 Leadership Lessons for Igniting Growth Through Loyalty, Community, and Belonging. In this book, Michelli delivers proven methods for increasing customer engagement, loyalty, and referrals that can be utilized in every service setting and in any industry. An unprecedented inside look at how Airbnb and its host community create dynamic customer experiences and build brand loyalty in the sharing economy.

Convenience, Personalization & Personal Care with Dr. Joseph Michelli, All-Star Dental Academy

It was eye-opening to hear Dr. Michelli describe Airbnb’s growth, and how that growth came hand-in-hand with a profound disruption of the travel industry. Airbnb quite literally turned anyone with the right setup the ability to be a hotelier, causing fundamental changes in the way people travel.

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Building Relationships

But the real take-away from the study of Airbnb is more about how creating differentiated experiences by focusing on belonging, trust, and hospitality has enabled Airbnb and its members to consistently provide an alternative to the traditional lodging model – an alternative that is wildly popular.

Michelli highlighted the importance of looking critically at the patient journey through your practice and mapping key moments – basically building awareness and sensitivity to those critical moments – such that they can be elevated and leveraged to enhance the experience for patients.

The Qualities of Experience

Dr. Michelli also outlined the components of a memorable and differentiated experience – that meets needs, reduces effort, and has a lasting, positive emotional impact. These are constants regardless of the specific context. For instance, patrons of Airbnb and a dental patient can be the same person, desiring of the same meaningful experiences. Everyone enjoys a seamless, easy experience and being the focus of positive attention.

The Airbnb Way is on its way, widely available in October, and Dr. Michelli has given All-Star a special discount on book purchases as well as giving purchasers the chance at an autographed copy! Visit and checkout with the discount code of “THANKS”.

 We will have Dr. Michelli back soon, as his work can have a profound impact on how the dental industry. Dentists seeking to differentiate their practice from competitors can adopt his teachings and profit from better relationships with patients.

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Listen to Alex Nottingham JD MBA, and Dr. Joseph Michelli, discuss Michelli’s latest work and how lessons learned apply directly to dentistry…


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