Dental Case Presentation – No-Hype, No-Pressure

There are proven techniques that will help you improve your patients’ acceptance of your dental case presentation. We went over the fundamentals, and then we open up the floor to learn about what works for YOU and your patients, and together we tackled the most challenging case presentation situations and discover the answer that is no-hype, no-pressure, and no-sales.

A dental case presentation is stressful! The problem is not the way you actually present a dental case presentation. The challenge lies in how you develop the treatment plan. You might be thinking: I don’t know if this is what the patient wants to take care of or thinks is important? Is this outside of the patient’s budget? This could make you very anxious, wondering if the patient wants to do this or not. That’s what we want to help with. You want to go in knowing that you’re bringing the information they’re looking for and you’re presenting a treatment plan that solves the problems they want to have taken care of.

Dental Case Presentation No-pressure, No-hype Process:

1. Stress observable facts and ask questions
2. Relate symptoms back the problem.
“Let’s go over what brought you here today,” This lets us talk about what the patient
wants and lets the patient feel in control.
3. Help the patient to “think”. Co-discovery.
4. Begin to set the stage for problem development. Treatment vs implications

Going Deeper with Dental Case Presentation

[PODCAST] 95-5 Rule of Case Acceptance

In this episode of Dental All-Stars, host Alex Nottingham sits down with Eric Vickery, President of Coaching at All-Star Dental Academy. Eric is a respected expert in practice management and dental case acceptance and has been delivering keynotes and training events all over North America since 2001. Tune in to gain insight from this veteran of the dental industry!

[PODCAST] Discover the Patient’s WHY in Dental Treatment Acceptance

Patients avoid or step aside, cancel just flat out don’t schedule because they’re not really connected to the plan from an emotional state. People buy with emotion justified with logic. Not understanding this leads to diminished dental treatment acceptance. Eric Vickery, President of Coaching, builds on his prior podcast where he discussed the 95-5 rule to case acceptance. In this podcast, you will learn how to connect emotionally with your patient. You will discover their why, and thereby become the logical choice.

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