Napoleon Hill conceived of the idea of a “mastermind” in his book Think and Grow Rich.

He defined the “Mastermind Principle” as the effect of like-minded people working together toward a definite purpose; where the value of the whole is greater than the individual parts. In function, a mastermind group is designed to help individual members navigate challenges by leveraging outside perspectives and the collective intelligence of the group.

That’s a lot of business-speak, so in other terms, the mastermind is a gathering of passionate individuals who come together and use their collective smarts to provide guidance, feedback on ideas, and different perspectives that may be unseen by individual members.

What is “Rich?”

Napoleon Hill promoted the idea of the mastermind because he found it to be extremely valuable. It’s interesting to note that Think and Grow Rich is not necessarily about the accumulation of money. Part of the “story” is about growing wealth, but the definition of “rich” is very specific to each individual. “Rich” is not just money, but life – creating a world you want to live in. And at All-Star, our perspective is that the world is full of opportunity, that there is plenty to go around, and that we deserve it all – financial, physical, emotional, spiritual wealth. And participating in a mastermind group is a great way to accelerate growth in all of those areas.

The Power of the Dental Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

What a Dental Mastermind is NOT

For those new to the concept, it may help to look at what is NOT a mastermind. I am often asked about whether a study club, lecture or seminar, or even coaching are masterminds. They are not. The main characteristic of a mastermind is that it is a meeting of peers who work together towards a goal. The other meetings mentioned above are typically a one-way dissemination of information or one-way guidance (e.g. a lecturer speaking to an audience.) They are also typically tactical in nature, where a mastermind is typically strategic and promotes “thinking outside the box.”

Additional qualities of a mastermind group that differentiate it from other types of meetings are that participants are visionaries for their business, and the group is composed of strong individuals who are open and humble.

The Power of the Dental Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

My Experience with Mastermind Groups

Since early in my career, I have been exposed to mastermind groups and have consistently found participation to be extremely valuable and rewarding. In fact, All-Star Dental Academy was born from an idea in one group.

Masterminds can help you open up to new ideas and to look at things in a new way. Masterminds also help you explore new ideas in depth before committing to a particular path or decision.

The Power of the Dental Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

Who Benefits from a Mastermind?

Just about anyone can benefit from involvement. Here are some of those benefits:

  1. An outsider perspective can be very valuable and highlight things you might not ever see due to being in the business all the time
  2. People can be insular (dentists anyone?) and reluctant to seek out a new or different point of view
  3. You can establish rewarding personal relationships
  4. Participants see personal development, growth, or improvement
  5. Quantitative improvements to participant’s business (e.g. increased revenue, greater efficiencies, new product ideas, etc.)
  6. The value in joining a community of like-minded, passionate people

Meeting a Need

Over the past few years of growing All-Star, the idea of hosting a mastermind has been floated a number of times, but I always felt that dentists wouldn’t be interested.

I could not have been more wrong about that!

To gauge interest, we recently had a handful of conversations with All-Star clients who we thought would be ideal mastermind participants. To my surprise, every doctor I spoke with expressed enthusiasm for the idea. So, to meet this need, All-Star has launched our mastermind: the Titanium Mastermind.

The Power of the Dental Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

Titanium will be dentistry-focused and be composed primarily of dentists, but we will be working to leverage the experience of outside and industry experts so that members can accelerate their growth.

Titanium Features:

Visit for the latest.

  • Limited size. We will be limiting participation so that the group runs efficiently and everyone gets their individual needs met
  • Virtual monthly meetings. We will meet online once a month in fast-paced discussions
  • Goal oriented. The group will be flexible and work toward achieving goals of members
  • Outside experts. As part of our meetings, we will host dental industry experts to support members
  • Annual live meeting. Two days of personal interaction with the group
  • Exclusivity. We will limit the membership such that you won’t find a competitor in the group. We will determine exclusivity by zip code
  • All-Star MBA. We believe that all areas of the dental practice can benefit from personal growth in business, so we are including a license to the All-Star MBA course

If Titanium sounds interesting to you, visit to see the latest features, benefits, and qualifications. Then reach out to Heather either by filling out the form at the bottom of the Titanium web page, giving us a call at (866) 280-1343, or send an email to

We are so excited to be sharing this with the All-Star dental community. We hope that you are excited too!


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