Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind

A “dental inner circle” is a group of individuals that come together to support you and provide objective feedback on a variety of subjects. Often, a mastermind group functions as a dental inner circle.

Mastermind groups are a lesser-known tool of most successful people. The fundamental goal of a mastermind is to facilitate personal and professional growth by challenging members of the group to set goals, implement change in pursuit of those goals, and supporting each other with honesty, respect, and compassion.

There are many benefits to a dental inner circle mastermind group. Here are my top five:

1. Dental Inner Circle: A Culture of Success

As I mentioned above, the basic goal of the mastermind is to promote success. One of the critical elements of working toward success is to surround yourself with positive-thinking, success-minded peers. A mastermind is a safe place to explore ideas without fear of being judged or receiving inappropriate feedback.

Another fundamental component of success is the right mindset. You may have heard the term “growth mindset,” which describes a mental and emotional view of the self as being capable and open to improvement. When you are around positive, passionate, and successful people, it is easy to believe that you too can grow and be successful. You are encouraged to put in extra effort, which leads to higher achievement.

Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

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2. Mind the Gap

Working with a small team of employees is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because an intimate team can learn to be highly productive. The downside can be insular thinking, with positive feedback loops that can keep you wearing blinders when it comes to strategic vision.

A mastermind group, however, is composed of a variety of personalities with no financial investment in your success. This enables them to bring different points of view to bear on a challenge and will help you to see gaps in your business. This type of objective feedback is invaluable.

Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

3. Accountability

There are varying levels of commitment on a personal level. The most powerful kind of commitment is made when you tell a group of peers – your dental inner circle – of your plans that achieve a clearly defined goal. A mastermind group can not only help you define goals and refine plans but also perform as an accountability coach to help you give your best effort. Accountability can be as distant as a quarterly check-in on progress, or as involved as a weekly call with a mastermind accountability partner.

Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

4. Open your Mind

A less obvious benefit of participating in a mastermind group is the personal growth you can experience simply from the experience. Business aside, success on a personal level is promoted in a safe environment, free from judgment or consequences. Participants are inevitably exposed to new points of view when people of different backgrounds and experiences come together. This can lead to introspection and incorporating new and novel ideas into participants’ world view.

Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

5. Dental Mastermind: A Helping Hand

Coaches and consultants are readily available for hire, and they can provide a powerful stimulus for business growth. A dental mastermind group, however, often acts as a support group. The individual in a mastermind is given loving and compassionate advice on any issue – personal or professional – that is troubling them.

Dental Inner Circle: The Top 5 Benefits of a Mastermind, All-Star Dental Academy

All-Star Dental Academy’s Titanium Mastermind Group is committed to helping successful dentists become even more successful by acting as a dental inner circle and bringing all the powerful benefits that are associated with participation.

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In this podcast episode, Alex Nottingham, JD MBA, and his special guests talk about their personal and professional experiences with dental masterminds, and the growth that resulted from their participation.

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