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Interview with Heather Nottingham & Larry Guzzardo

There are two things that absolutely infuriate dentists: patients trying to commoditize dentistry by making decisions about treatment based only on price, and patients not showing up for their appointments. Certainly price is an important...

Business Email Etiquette

Business Email Etiquette

Business email etiquette is essential in today's fast paced computer age. A great deal of communication, whether it be between an employee and a client, or employee-to-employee, is done via email. It is an effective way to have a conversation without having to take...

Characteristics of a Rainmaker!

Characteristics of a Rainmaker!

The Rainmaker was heralded by American Indians as having magical powers to bring the rain to nourish the crops in order to feed the people.  If there was no rain, the people would weaken, die, or move elsewhere. In the business or legal context, a rainmaker is...

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