Dental Case Acceptance

Case acceptance is a critical step in the patient journey. The key is to present treatment in a way that makes it easy for the patient to feel like he or she is an active participant in the process. View these resources to get more insight into successful treatment presentation and case acceptance.

Case Presentation Formula with Eric Vickery

In this podcast, Eric Vickery will be sharing a process that will make case presentation simple and easy for anyone on the team. Focus 95% of your energy and time on what is important… and only 5% of your time on treatment discussion. Patients are so afraid the dentist will pressure them into doing something they don’t absolutely “need.”

Return on Hygiene with Rachel Wall

Return on Hygiene with Rachel Wall

Is your hygiene team the backbone of your practice or the weakest link? Whatever your answer, there’s room for improvement and growth in every hygiene department. As one of the most overlooked and most important parts of your practice success, your hygiene team needs positive leadership, systems and accountability to reach their full potential and deliver a strong return for patients, the providers themselves and your practice.