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Dental Recruitment vs. Dental Hiring

Robyn Reis is the Director of Hiring at All-Star Dental Academy and a Certified HR Consultant with Bent Erickson and Associates. The topic of discussion is recruitment versus hiring in the dental field. According to Reis, recruitment is a more strategic process that...

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AACD’s State of the Dental Industry

Mike DiFrisco, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's Chief Marketing Officer, talks about the AACD's recent survey of the industry and the results. The AACD have been conducting surveys on the industry for 20 years, and their last survey was conducted in late...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Is a Dental Consultant Worth It?

Larry Guzzardo joins Alex Nottingham for this podcast, where they discuss the question: Is a dental consultant worth it? Larry explained how dental consulting involves working with someone who is qualified and experienced in the area they are consulting in. The...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

The Last Lecture

Alex Nottingham JD MBA shares the story of Randy Pausch, a beloved professor at Carnegie Mellon University who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given only a few months to live. Despite the enormous difficulty of his situation, he faced his prognosis with...

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The Dental Jedi Master (Part 2)

This podcast discusses how to become a dental Jedi Master in your practice. It begins with a discussion by Alex Nottingham JD MBA on the forces that are facing dentists in their practice, which was the topic of the prior podcast. Alex then outlines the five steps to...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

The Dental Force Awakens (Part 1)

In this episode of Dental All Stars, host Alex Nottingham introduces the concept of The Dental Force Awakens. This is a two-part presentation that looks at the dark forces affecting dental practices, and how to overcome them. The concept is based on the Star Wars...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Winning the War on Dental Insurance

Dr. Todd Snyder and Alex Nottingham JD MBA discuss the challenges of working with dental insurance companies. Dr. Snyder described his experience of having his hands tied due to the limited reimbursements the insurance companies offered for his services. He decided to...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

5 Steps to All-Star Dental Hiring

Alex Nottingham and Robyn Reis discussed the importance of having a clear vision when it comes to hiring team members and creating job descriptions. They highlighted the importance of understanding the characteristics and key skills of the person who sits in the role,...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

The Patient Experience and Technology

Ryan White and Alex Nottingham JD MBA discussed how technology is changing the patient experience in the healthcare industry. White noted that patients prefer to receive appointment reminders via text, and that online scheduling is becoming more popular. He pointed...

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