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Improving team productivity

A recent Harvard Business Review article explored the concept of diminishing productivity in American workers. The ideas discussed struck me as directly applicable to improving dental front office team productivity. Before we get to the specific issues, the article...

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

Dental Office Training – Why the Best Train Consistently

When you hear the word “training,” do you imagine a super fit person wearing spandex and running around sweating in the gym? Do you hear the “Rocky” theme music in the background? Perhaps. But when it comes to dental office training, the term may sound foreign to you....

Blog, All-Star Dental Academy

What to do AFTER a difficult conversation at work

I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review about team dynamics, and I wanted to share the important points with you. It’s common to experience difficult conversations at work, whether they are with associates, clients, or your team. They are difficult...

What is All-Star Dental Academy?

We are often asked, what is All-Star Dental Academy? What do you do? How are you different? All-Star Dental Academy has so many benefits and features that the answer depends on the outcome the client is looking to achieve. We put together a...

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