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Stop Selling Yourself And Your Dental Practice

You may be wondering, “Isn’t the whole point of marketing is to sell yourself and your practice?” Well, yes. “Then, why are you listing this as a blunder?” Simple. Nobody cares about you and your practice. Who are people really interested in? That’s right… THEMSELVES....

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Choose Your Partner Wisely

Choosing the wrong business partner can cost you your business! Really. You can go bankrupt from it or at the very least become an emotional wreck. Consider these 10 questions posted by DentistryIQ: Is it a good idea financially? Why are you doing it? Can you share...

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8 Success Principles From Top Entrepreneurs shared some wonderful advice from entrepreneurs that have built successful technology companies. Here are they are: Avoid the risk of not trying and the regret of wishing you had. Spend wisely early in life so you can achieve the financial independence...

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A Quick Primer on Hiring Dental All-Stars

High performing dental staff members can be the difference between getting by and being successful. But underperforming, disinterested, or unhappy staff members can mean bankruptcy. One practice we provided consultation services to faced a lawsuit from an unhappy...

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How to Lose Money In Dental PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is either loved or hated in the Internet Marketing arena. Most dentists that do not know what they are doing will come to hate PPC. For those who do not know what PPC is, it is a method of paying search engines money to have them send you traffic...

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How To Create A Free Dental Guide

We have found that the most powerful form of education-based marketing is to develop a free book or guide about an area of dentistry and distribute the materials to as many people as possible. Building a free book is an art and a science. You have to make the book...

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The Secret To Firing Dental Patients

Did you say fire dental patients? Um, yes, I did. I thought you are a dental marketing & business coach. Don’t you mean fire employees, not patients? No. I mean fire dental patients. Here is the deal. You will see that 20% of your patients make you 80% of your...

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How To Do A Dental Gap Analysis

A dental gap analysis is a part of dental goal setting where you look at your practice and personal life and see where there are shortcomings or “gaps.” The first questions you want to consider is: what are the biggest constraints facing your business? This could be...

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A Quick Primer on Dental Goal Setting

Goal setting is the master skill in dental management. Goal setting forces you to develop long-term perspective, which is the ability to see how all your efforts and interactions affect you and your practice several years down the road. The first key in dental goal...

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Business Email Etiquette

Business email etiquette is essential in today's fast paced computer age. A great deal of communication, whether it be between an employee and a client, or employee-to-employee, is done via email. It is an effective way to have a conversation without having to take...

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A Quick Primer On Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is huge in the field of dentistry! Period. Exclamation point! In order to stand out of the marketing clutter, you have to innovate and not do what everyone else does. I discuss this great length in my free e-Book, All-Star Dental...

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